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  1. Yeah, it is going to be a busy couple of years, but so very well worth it!!! So excited/honored!! :)
  2. Yeah, it probably is too soon to worry about housing but I'm just so darn excited! I will definitely look more into it as it approaches closer and I will fly out there to look around as well. No, I haven't been added yet. How about yourself? And yes, I agree it is the little things...thanks PA newbeginning! ;)
  3. Hello Classmates!! (sounds so good :) ) I am moving from Phoenix, AZ and my first time to Long Island was for the interview. I am hoping someone can give my some information/advice on what areas are good to live in. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and am just so excited to start class! :) Congrats again to all who were accepted!!
  4. I just sent the email and declined my seat. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Yay!! Congrats shj08001 and tjcorso and all others! Can't wait to meet you all! :)
  6. Got the call about 30 min ago and I'm accepted!! I was speechless and then I cried...on the phone!! Good luck to anyone who is still waiting to find out and don't lose faith!
  7. Thank you so much newbeginning! And best of luck in all your endeavors as well!
  8. Nice to meet you Karen! Have a safe trip and see you Sat!
  9. Nice! Well then, I will bring my smile with me on Saturday and I will see you there with yours! Btw, my name is Sanita! :)
  10. Congrats FuturePAyjxoa! I have two more after Stony Brook...in the same week! Yikes but I'm excited. Hey, have you brought a copy of your CASPA app with you to your interviews?
  11. I am flying from Phoenix, AZ and yes it is! Very first :) And for you?
  12. Yes yes! :) I am excited but also so nervous. Every time I say it out loud, my heart skips a beat. :) FuturePAyjxoa and khmaccormack, where are you coming from?
  13. I am taking the red eye Thursday night for my interview on Saturday. I am so nervous and excited! Who is joining me Saturday morning? :)
  14. Hello all! I was wondering where the link is for the supplemental application. I read online that they require an updated resume and shadowing hours. Is there no other paperwork or form to fill out to go along with that? Thanks in advance!
  15. Yes, thank you luperlonghorn for that information!
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