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  1. nevermind! I just seen the fb link in another post.. oops! :)
  2. Hi! Congrats on getting accepted! I was accepted on Feb 22nd! I'm really excited! Where are you from? I will also probably need a roommate! I'm from Florida. :) I'm a 28 yo female (no husband, but I do have a fiance...he's going to PA school in Florida though.) Do you know where the fb page is? I can't seem to find it!
  3. I had my interview on Feb 21st and 22nd and received a call that day! I am so excited about this program. The faculty are so nice and I can't wait to start! :)
  4. I haven't heard from Claudia yet, but I am eager to hear the (hopefully good) news on Monday! I had my interview on Wednesday and did not hear anything on Friday. Looking forward to the phone call tomorrow! :)
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