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  1. Are moderate sedation privileges hospital dependent? I ask because I am a IR PA and my hospital does not allow allied health practitioners moderate sedation privileges. Thanks in advance. Any help appreciated
  2. Great! thanks for the heads up. Its been a while since I've been to the campus.
  3. tlabounty: looks like I'll be interviewing with you. Just got my letter today for 2/25.
  4. Koukla8, thanks for your advice! Did any of you attend the pizza dinner the night before? I am planning to.
  5. I am also scheduled for an interview on Feb 9. Good luck all!
  6. My interview is Feb 9th. I'm kind of bummed since its the last group being interviewed. Any advice/tips? How was the whole interview process? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm waitlisted too, but we won't hear back until attendance confirmations are submitted which is probably the end of March. I'm pretty stressed myself!
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