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  1. I am in a predicament. I will be graduating this May with my respiratory therapy degree and will be starting a PA program 2 weeks after. Between that time, I was thinking about taking my respiratory therapy boards to get my credentials. Unfortunately I cant sign up for the test until after I graduate. Would it be beneficial to take the exams after I graduate or should I take that time to relax and prepare for pa school? Is there any PA's out there that have benefited to have the RRT next to there name?
  2. I called Pcom last week about the packet coming in the mail. They said we will be receiving an email in January instead of a packet in the mail.
  3. I received my acceptance today but I am going to attend PCOM instead. Good luck everyone!
  4. Sorry for the confusion! If you add me on Facebook and I will add you to the group. My name is Alex Tabone.
  5. Its a closed group. The name is "PCOM PA class of 2017". Heres the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/623743207736972
  6. Congratulations to those who have been accepted to Pcom! I made a Facebook group for our class. The name is "Pcom Pa class of 2017! Cant wait to meet you all!
  7. I also got my acceptance today too! I will be attending PCOM :) Cant wait to meet you all!
  8. I stayed at the Marriott on west street and it was a 10 minute walk to the campus. There is also a holiday inn near the school.
  9. I will be there in morning session! Good luck to everyone!
  10. I have my interview this friday! Who has there interview this Friday?
  11. I did too! It wouldn't let me sign on,so I had to call to get it figured out!
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