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  2. I am a student that will finish in Dec. Does anybody have any advise about how to make my CV attractive to the Ortho field: how do I set myself apart from the rest of the students in the country trying to get into ortho? Thanks for the advise in advance.
  3. I spoke with two of my preceptors at different sites, one (PA)/ one (MD), I have had out here in New England and both have stated that they receive the following for taking students: PA: $400 per 5 wks/ per student, MD: $800 per 5 wks/ per student. They both work for hospital ran groups so I am not sure if and how much the hospital takes for their cut. I do know that here in NE this practice is now common place due to the amount of Med/ PA/ NP programs in close proximity and the competitiveness which ensues for rotation spots.
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