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  1. Does anyone body know if any technology such as iPad, computer, etc will be given and included in tuition for the program? I got a laptop awhile ago but just want to verify.
  2. Did you feel that paying attention to the lecture and actively taking notes cut down on your studying time outside of class ? I'm normally an independent learner and so I'm very nervous starting pa school in couple months. I know there will be a lot of lecture and notes, so I am getting myself mentally ready for the rigor of the program. Any advice ? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your post, it is such a great and refreshing post to read before starting Pa school. All my research and experience have been you need to do this, that, sleep deprivation, catching up whenever there's a break, etc.. So it is already stressful before I even started the program just to think that pa school means 24/7 of studying and stressing. I'm glad and would love to hear other graduates thoughts on their school/life balance.
  4. Hi everyone, I have a hard decision to make and looking for any advice or insight that might help! Anything would be greatly appreciated! I'm a new teacher making around $55K, 10 months, great state benefits, summer off. On top of my salary, I do overtime tutoring 12hours a week at $43/hr. My salary is to increase every year and will max at around 92K or a little more on top of the guide. 27 more years and I can retire with benefits and pension. No debt, no holiday hours, sick days accumulate and roll over if unused. I don't love my job, but don't hate it. Job security is high. I think I will adapt to it more if continue longer. Some of the cons I'm seeing here is bad behavior teenagers, unnecessary paperwork from administration, cut in state funding, other than that, I don't mind most of the things that come with the job. I'm accepted to a very good PA program, looking at about $100K in debt and 3 years loss of income. Financially speaking, i'll probably stay as a teacher to be more relaxed, decent income, and great family hours. PA's make a lot more money, but the debt of school, and the job stress level are also higher. I'm concerned with paying the debt after graduation, and if i'm able to maintain balanced work and family life, and if it's worth it financially :/ . I WANT to go to PA school, but afraid of what comes after graduation. I know going into healthcare should be because I want to care for people, but family comes first, and teaching offer me the highest family time. It's competitive to find good hours PA's jobs out there, especially for a new grad, i'm thinking hospitals 12 hours shifts for 3 days a week is a good one, but I'm not a PA or know anyone that is in that setting to ask, any input would be appreciated! thank you all and Sorry for the long post.
  5. You basically want your application to be well-rounded, so if your GPA is 3.33, which you already know isn't competitive comparing to someone who has a 3.5 or above, then you need to do whatever necessary to improve other areas, such as HCE, amazing personal statement, LORs and extracurricular activities. That's one of the many reasons why I love this journey, it's about who you are as a person, your personality, charms, your ability to relate and connect to others. It's not always about the grades, although it is also important.
  6. I completely agree with everyone but would like to share my own experience too. GPA isn't my strong point either, I was average, but it took me 3 years from the first time getting rejected to get accepted. I edited my personal statement and was brutally honest about myself. I worked an extra year as a nurse's aide (it was not pleasant where i worked either, couldn't find a hospital job because I lack experience at the time, so I jumped into any medical facility I could get into in order to gain paid experience), went back to school to take A&P although my number one choice didn't require it, took micro and some other science courses. I applied super early, like a day after CASPA opened. I didn't need to improve on volunteer or other extracurricular activities because I always volunteered at my local church since I was young. My point is, GPA isn't everything to PA schools. Show the effort, passion and time you put into the process and it will show. Improve on the area you think you're weak at. Don't give up hope! it's competitive but it is worth it if you really want to be a PA. it's a required journey that you need to go through to realize how bad you want it.
  7. i was recently accepted to my first choice PA program (was wait listed for awhile). Class starts in less than 2 months. I estimated on the low end it'll cost me 110k after i finished. I have no prior debt and i saved about 30k. I'm currently working as a teacher, 181 days a year for $60k with full pension and benefits (salary only goes up every year according to my union salary guide). I get $43 per hour after school activities and such. The school pay for my graduate credits and will increase my salary after i earn masters or doctorate degrees. Looking through the forum, the years it takes to pay off PA School loan is crazy and I don't know how my schedule would be after the program. It's a privilege to be a pa, but so is being a teacher. I love both professions. Yes, PAs make more after graduation but you end up loaning so much money plus interests. Can I get some input on this? So much rewards being a PA, but as always for any profession, there's always pros and cons. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Finally get to post on this after years of hard work. Undergrad Ed School: Rutgers (Biochemistry) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.4 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Age at application time : 24 Attempt: second time GRE: none Direct Patient Care : CNA subacute unit ~1000 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: one semester research on drug interactions ​LOR: PA, Superintendent, and supervisor from subacute unit Shadow: countless hours of shadowing an emergency medicine PA and pain medicine PA Schools Applied: 16ish Application Submitted Date: around May, 2015 Interview Invites: Rutgers, USciences, Touro (bay area) Denied: UPhila Waitlisted: Rutgers, USciences, Touro (bay area) Accepted: RUTGERS!!!! - also my top choice and really the only place i wanted to go for PA Dreams do come true if you work hard enough to earn them! Can't tell you how often i was on this forum looking for ways to improve my application, tips and tricks, reading up on applicants' stats and wishing one day i can do the same.
  9. I submited my application early June, done my supplemental around August, and now only getting invite for interview, but only for the waitting list. Disappointed i may say.
  10. They should be finishing up their interviews by now. Still anxiously waiting to hear good news from them ;/
  11. I still haven't heard anything back from them since i submitted my application late june. anyone advice me to give them a call and ask for a status? I know some already interviewed and got accepted. ;/
  12. Is it safe to say i am just waiting for a rejection letter since i havent heard anything back since my supplemental? which was late september ;/ i know a lot of people already interviewed and got accepted.
  13. I assume if i didn't get any responses back at this point then i'm just waiting for a rejection letter? Didn't hear anything back since the supplemental and i submitted mine early august.
  14. I submitted my application late June and still havent heard anything back. Should I give them a call without getting any memo?
  15. Got the supplemental application without interview. Considering if I should fill it out since interviews are pretty much done for now ? So how many spots are left even if I was invited for interview after this
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