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  1. Question for any current students: *part* of my decision to not accept my seat offered this year was because I was concerned about finances. I am employed full-time currently, comfortable salary, and would lose my health insurance and job to go back to school. That, plus the costs of reolcation, equipment, books, etc made me very anxious. Are there any current students who were in a similar situation? Just curious as to what you did to make it work? I know we can apply for FAFSA, and I am assuming you can notify them that you will be losing your income to return to school - but how did that all play out? As for all of the above discussion regarding admissions - I was a relatively 'non-traditional' applicant with a 'decent' science GPA, some non-traditional HCE, but a previous masters and diverse experience (domestic and abroad). It did appear that they want mature, articulate, responsible, driven people in their program.
  2. I think the decisions are made - got a letter today that I am on the alternate list. So for those still waiting, you will probably get a letter soon! :/ Thanks for the help/updates throughout JKidder. Anyone else have any news? Best of luck
  3. Congrats Kibbles! :) JKidder - do you know if that would mean that all of the 19 initial offers have been made?
  4. I interviewed in January, kibbles... and still nothing. If you end up calling and find anything out, please share the news :)
  5. lassibk: Thank you for the intellectual and insightful feedback
  6. I've decided to give up the seat that I was offered for this fall - so that's good news for all of those who were waitlisted or yet to interview. It wasn't really a tough decision after having interviewed with Dean Harbert or however you spell/pronounce it. That guy is really something; he came across as pompous, prejudice (homophobic), know-it-all, etc. He made a prejudice comment that offended me in my individual interview and did not leave a good impression. Ultimately, I would not want my success as a PA/professional to reflect well on him or his program, but that's just me. <- this is me being politically correct about the experience. :) On the other hand, the current students were helpful and the other faculty member who did my panel interview was open and attentive. The simulation lab was excellent, classroom was great as well. I don't mean to discourage anyone from applying or anything, just sharing my experience for those are contemplating. Thanks again to the students and good luck to everyone in their applications and pursuits as a PA!
  7. Maybe they took it down. It used to say rolling. Either way, bummer for the applicants. Bah - don't wanna move to Knoxville for PA school but looking like I might not have a choice!
  8. What?! LOL - dude... that's crazy and really frustrating for those who have interviewed and are trying to decide on what school to choose. It's certainly not 'rolling admissions'.... :(
  9. ..............anybody hear of any updates or anything yet?.........
  10. jaw1

    Starting Military PA SALARY

    I thought I just read somewhere today that you are not eligible for USAF HPSP unless you are within 1 year of graduation.... is that true? Or can you get a HPSP for your full 2 years of PA school? I would like to talk to a USAF HP recruiter, thanks Oneal... but aren't there different ones for different locations?
  11. jaw1

    Starting Military PA SALARY

    bbrown - I am thinking of applying for the USAF HPSP as well... I'd love to hear more about your application process, I have requested a health professions recruiter to contact me but have yet to hear from them. Any thoughts? Advice?
  12. mdao - they got a lot of applications and are pretty swamped... you might still get a call, dont stress too much. JKidder - I already talked with Tara and Allan once about things... I don't want to nag again, but any snooping done by an inside person about when the last interview date is would be particularly appreciated... :=-0:
  13. Not a student, but interviewed. At the interview someone asked that and they specifically said that they do not offer abroad rotations due to several reasons - safety being one of them.
  14. JKidder - do you happen to know when the last interview will be held? Just trying to get an idea of the timeline to expect a call if all goes well.... I DID manage to get a 2 week extension on my deadline for my second choice school - postponing my non-refundable $1,500 deposit until March 5th (phew)... any idea? :)

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