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  1. I was wait listed on Monday and got the email today (4 days later) that I was accepted!!! I am beyond thrilled. Congrats to all those to were accepted and to those who weren't... KEEP TRYING! DON'T GIVE UP!!! Can't wait to meet the class of 2016!
  2. I have just been accepted and I would love to be invited to the Facebook group! My name is Meagan Sharpe
  3. Wow this helps a lot! I definitely agree with both of those statements and I think I should take those both out completely as well. That was great advice, thanks!
  4. Thanks Ill try that!! Appreciate the feedback! And any other feedback anyone has!! THANKS
  5. Hello, this is my first draft of my personal statement! I would really appreciate any tips you have for me or any criticism. Please be hard on it and be honest! It is over 5000 characters but I have much editing to do and I'm sure I will be taking out quite a bit. Let me know how you think my flow is, I'm a little concerned that it doesn't flow well. Thank you so much for reading it and giving me your feedback! THANKS!!:=D: I loudly called his name over and over, but there was no response. I could see the shallow rise and fall of his chest, which generated a sensation of rel
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