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  1. I'm in the same boat, haven't heard back either :(
  2. Interviewing on November 6th! For reference, I received my "application is complete" e-mail on July 29th :)
  3. I will be interviewing on November 21st! Submited my application mid-June and received the interview invite earlier this week :)
  4. Interviewing tomorrow! Any last minute tips from anyone that has already interviewed?!
  5. Congrats juliekdubois! I got an interview invite as well! I will be at the afternoon session on November 2nd!
  6. I received a completion e-mail on July 26th after submitting CASPA on June 18th. The e-mail stated "We will extend interview offers to select candidates by mid-October and are planning to interview individuals mid-November." Hope that helps!
  7. Ha thank you! And yes, last year they didn't offer me an interview. Good luck!
  8. Certainly...3.48 cum GPA, 3.22 sGPA (top 20-undergrad), 4.0 post-bacc GPA (21-credits). 2,000+ patient care hours. Submitted CASPA on June 18th. Reapplicant. Hope that helps a bit and good luck! I moved my interview to October 25th, so there should be another spot open for the September interview.
  9. oh wow. I hope there are still spots available when I interview in 3 weeks...
  10. Got an interview for Sept 13th today but will likely have to reschedule..!
  11. I received that e-mail on July 24th after submitting CASPA on June 18th. I wonder when they're going to start sending out the first round of interview invites? Hopefully soon!
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