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  1. Got an offer yesterday. I was placed on the alternate list before. I'm very excited! Is there a Facebook that I can join?
  2. Does anyone know how many people are on the alternate list?
  3. I interviewed on Dec 5th, and also got an email this morning saying that I'm on the alternate list. Good luck everyone! :)
  4. Same here. I also got that Linkedln and I interviewed on Dec 5th. Still haven't heard anything yet.
  5. I just declined my offer, so somebody should get an email soon! Good luck!
  6. I still haven't heard anything. I'm hoping to hear back soon. Based on previous posts, people hear back between 18 and 20 days... Fingers crossed!
  7. I haven't heard anything either. I drained my phone battery so fast by checking email and Mymadison hundreds of times. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Thank you @t_pac! Good luck to you too. I looked at previous year posts and the last date was Dec 6th. So I'm guessing Dec 5th is the last interview date of this year.
  9. They invited me for interview on Nov. 21, but I can't go. Then they reschdeuled me to Dec. 5th.
  10. I submitted my CASPA on 8/15, and it was verfied on 8/18. Good luck!
  11. I also received an interview for Nov 21st! Super excited! Anyone knows what the interview will be like?
  12. Did everyone get the additional 4 weeks same email? I didn't receive that and it's making me concerned...
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