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  1. Hey everyone! What are some VERY supportive comfortable business casual flats or loafers you have worn or heard that are great for rotations? Thank you!
  2. Got off the waitlist at the end of March! I will be attending the Leesburg campus (I'm super late lol)
  3. Hey everyone! I just got a call about the approval of adding 10 more students! Unfortunately, I turned it down because I got accepted into my first choice, so somebody is going to get good news soon!
  4. I interviewed 2/9 and got that email too yesterday! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the class gets increased!
  5. Just got an email and I'm on the alternate list but I am very hopeful and grateful to be in this position! does anyone know how many ppl they waitlist or is it everyone who got interviewed and not accepted? Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hello everybody! I received my interview invite for Feb 9th! Excited to meet everyone and good luck! Karen :)
  7. Got an email this morning for an interview on Jan 25th! I wish everybody the best of luck
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