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  1. Hey everyone! What are some VERY supportive comfortable business casual flats or loafers you have worn or heard that are great for rotations? Thank you!
  2. Got off the waitlist at the end of March! I will be attending the Leesburg campus (I'm super late lol)
  3. Hey everyone! I just got a call about the approval of adding 10 more students! Unfortunately, I turned it down because I got accepted into my first choice, so somebody is going to get good news soon!
  4. I interviewed 2/9 and got that email too yesterday! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the class gets increased!
  5. Just got an email and I'm on the alternate list but I am very hopeful and grateful to be in this position! does anyone know how many ppl they waitlist or is it everyone who got interviewed and not accepted? Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hello everybody! I received my interview invite for Feb 9th! Excited to meet everyone and good luck! Karen :)
  7. Got an email this morning for an interview on Jan 25th! I wish everybody the best of luck
  8. Thank you all for your replies! Made me smile while reading and one made me giggle. I will definitely remember all your advice and quotes. Thank you :)
  9. Hello Everyone :) I wanted to get a head start on subjects that are taught in a PA program. I have not applied and will not apply until the next NEXT cycle :) so in the meantime I would like i dab my foot into what I will learn in the future. I love reading and learning, especially ahead of time :) Any book recommendations or links to free sources? I am working and taking classes right now but during the breaks I really want to dive into it and see if it can also help me understand more in my job as a medical assistant :) Thank for all your help!
  10. Hello everyone! I want to ask those students who are in a PA program or are PA's about having a thick skin with patients and coworkers. During high school and college I had worked in medical facilities and when I would get that angry and upset patient I would always get this nervous, anxious, and crying feeling coming up every time. Post-grad I am better at handling those difficult patients through phone and in person. However, I still happen have that problem from time to time. So, my question is for those who had this problem before.. how did you over come it? What advice can you give? W
  11. Hey everyone! So this is my situation :) I graduated from a 4 year university (UMD) where I took some pre-reqs. I now go to a community college where I am taking the rest of the pre-reqs PLUS higher level science courses. Should I complete the higher level science courses at the community college or a university? Would it make a difference? Thank you for your help! :)
  12. Thank you everyone for replying! Also, thanks for the tough love! I will not take those classes for a third time. Instead, I will take more science classes. In regard to Organic Chemistry 1, I will audit that class one semester and take Organic 2 the following semester. Thanks again, everyone! :)
  13. Hey everyone! So I was wondering if it looks bad to take a pre-req for the 3rd time? In my situation, I took orgo 1, a&p2, and psych100 during my 1st or 2nd year. I got C's in all 3 so I took them over again my junior or senior year and got all B's (very close to A's, but I'm coping.. haha). Now that I have graduated from my university I am taking the pre-reqs that I didn't take at my university at a community college. Now I know that A's look better than B's so I would like to take that class again for the 3rd time... and for sure I will push myself to the A I want. However..
  14. I found a PA that agreed to let me shadow him. He specializes in surgery-cardio thoracic and vascular. So I was wondering how long should I shadow him for? Also, how should I record my hours? Thank you for your responses!
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