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  1. As a guard PA I would recommend the Army. When deployed they have a better role down range in front line medicine. You would most likely be added to an area support medical company or as batalion surgeon. I love it.
  2. I am currently in the Guard as a PA since 2011. I joined at 42. Deployed once to Afghanistan, and love my job. Im not sure about the incentives in the Navy but I think the Guard is currently at 25K per year. about 19500 after taxes. You can use that to pay down your student debt or for whatever else. I would not recommend the loan repayment program. There have been lots of problems getting the money and I have one doc in my unit who has been waiting 3 years for his first repayment and the interest keeps adding. The incentive is much more predictable.
  3. Its certainly not critical, however I have seen mri reports read as having subacromial bursitis vs recent injection.
  4. I completed my MS at Touro in New York. Great program. Self paced and can complete in a few months if you are motivated and around $6000.
  5. I have worked as an Ortho PA for the last 21 years and I find it humorous that as a MD in sports medicine he does EXACTLY the same thing as every other Ortho PA. He treats patients in the office, gives injections and can't operate on his own...classic
  6. I agree with MainePA. I'm in the Kentucky Guard and I commissioned in September and attended BOLC in Feb. the next year. You are not eligible for promotion until you complete phase 2 and attend BOLC. If you have constructive credit on commissioning then you can put in for your promotion to CPT at that time.At Camp Bullis you will spend M-F in the field and then return to Ft. Sam to participate in death by power point. You will need to have a passing APFT before heading out to BOLC. I have heard different versions of APFT at BOLC. Not sure what they are doing with that at this time. Hop
  7. Agree with most of the posts. I am a civilian PA and in the Army Guard. I joined the Guard with 22 year experience as a civilian PA and love both jobs, having deployed to Afghanistan once. I would also recommend that you get something to keep your chops wet. Even if it is in an urgent care clinic part time. Don't wait too long to get a state license and some experience. Also consider the National Guard as an opportunity to pay of some loans and serve your country part time.
  8. Really the bigger issue is going to be required course work and GPA. Sounds like otherwise a good candidate. Thank you for your service from an OEF vet.
  9. I'm an Army NG PA and for the Guard the Basic officer course is 28 days. For active duty it is 8 weeks. The Navy has a 2 week course for its reserve officers and i'm not sure about active duty.
  10. As Ortho spine PA for 24 years I can tell you you in no uncertain terms the "Laser Spine" Institute is a total sham. No insurance, cash only and they are NOT surgeon, they are pain mgt. docs. Their advertising is amazing for sure, but if you Google Laser Spine lawsuit it is filled with bad press. I would stay away.
  11. 65 D KYARNG 1163rd ASMC' CPT in 3 years OEF in 2013
  12. KetteringPA

    VA Ortho

    Don't forget referred pain pattern from SI joint.
  13. A full time Ortho Spine PA position now available at Norton Healthcare in Louisville Kentucky. PA will work office only Monday through Friday. Minimal call from home. No ED call. PA will be on his/her own schedule and must be able to see patients independently with the ability to read their own X-rays and MRIs. Two surgeon and two PA staff. You will be the third. If interested see the job posting at www.nortonhealthcare.com
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