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  1. Mailed 7/8 and just got the supplemental today. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi! I was wondering if I could get some advice as well. This is my second time applying, last year I did not get any interviews and I applied to 6 schools. I just graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-- my major was Kinesiology. Last year I applied with a 3.3 overall and a 3.0 science, but I got a D in biochem last fall and I didn't have many credit hours left to take, so my current is a 3.1/2.8. I am in the process of retaking biochem now, and taking some more sciences classes to improve my GPA. Here are the rest of my stats. HCE: 500 Hours as a home-health aide t
  3. Anyone apply/hear anything back yet? I know it's rather early since the deadline isn't until January, but just putting feelers out!
  4. Has anyone heard anything back yet? My supplemental was received last week, but I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of the timetable for interviews.
  5. I just took mine to one of my employers to have them verify the hours that I worked there; I have more than 200 as well, and from different places-- but I only had one form signed. It didn't say you needed to have mutiple forms like the shadowing sheet did, so it sounds like it shouldn't be an issue.
  6. @jacecrawford I've been doing the exact same thing. It's almost getting to a point of a problem, but I haven't heard anything back yet either. Hopefully soon!
  7. Hopefully we both hear back soon! This whole being patient thing sucks. Real bad. :=-0:
  8. @Double Helix when did yours get mailed? Mine got sent on the 8th and I haven't heard anything yet either.
  9. I worked as a chiro tech a few years ago and put it down as hours, it definitely counts! Don't stress over it and good luck!
  10. Have you heard anything yet? I applied last year and did not receive an interview, but I reapplied and submitted my CASPA a few weeks ago.
  11. BS in Kinesiology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Age: 22 Second Attempt Overall GPA: 3.2 Science: 2.8 GRE: 308 HCE: 2000 Hours -Physical Therapy Technician, Home Health Aide Medical Relief Work: Port-au-Prince, Haiti 100 Hours Volunteer work in hospitals and in underserved communities Vice President of University of Illinois Pre-PA Club One year of PA shadowing Submitted CASPA July 8th Schools Applied To: Northwestern Midwestern Cornell Long Island University Stony Brook Hofstra Pace University UMDNJ Trevecca Nazarene
  12. I've talked to a few admissions directors and they've said it's okay to reuse the personal statement, I used the same foundation that I used for last year; but updated it with healthcare experiences/things I've done over the past year. You should be okay. Good luck!
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