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  1. Hello! I am considering leaving my current job with internal medicine to specialize in addiction medicine and pain management. I have the "X" designation on my DEA license and have been managing patients with Suboxone and the like for over a year. At this point, I can prescribe for 100 patients with my license. I will have call a few days out of the month from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. I would split my time at this new job with 2 days/week addiction medicine and 2.5 days/week pain management. Here are the highlights: Starting salary 90k Full health benefits for me $3500 cme annually 21 days pto (including sick days, vacation); Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years' Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day Bonus structure is a little interesting. I am required to see an average of 18 patients per day. For every rvu I generate, I receive an extra $5/rvu. So, 18 patients per day average for four days per week is 72 patients/week. Multiplied by 4 weeks is 288 multiplied by an average of 1.5 (most visits will be 99214; some less, some more) which is 432. 432 x $5 = $2160 bonus per month plus aforementioned salary. Obviously, this depends on productivity. Tail coverage is only paid if I remain in the contract for 2 years Contract length is 2 years 100% malpractice insurance covered 401k contribution after working 1 year Non-compete is horrible. Two years after termination of job, cannot accept position in multiple counties/states with any establishment that has one or more pain specialists. I appreciate your feedback! ?
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