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  1. kflatt00

    Interviews 2014-2015

    I got an email today about interviewing. I will be there January 12th as well.
  2. kflatt00

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    I submitted my application in June and received an email telling me they got my application in September I think it was.
  3. kflatt00

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    I got an invitation today to interview January 23rd. :)
  4. kflatt00

    Interviews 2014-2015

    I contacted them about interviews. They said that they were working back from 4.0-3.25 gpa's in their interviews. So the ones who already have interview invited would be those with like 4.0. Then like 3.9s and some lower would be in December and so on. If that makes any sense.
  5. kflatt00

    Interviews 2014-2015

    When did you guys submit your applications and when did you get the interview invites?
  6. kflatt00

    2014 Applicants

    I've heard they send them out like 3-4 weeks before the interviews, and I have heard interviews usually begin in November.
  7. kflatt00

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    I submitted my CASPA on June second and sent in my supplemental like a week before that.
  8. kflatt00

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    I got an email a few days ago stating they have my full application, CASPA, GRE, and supplemental. They said they will begin reviewing in September and interviews are from November to May.
  9. What are the interviews like?
  10. kflatt00

    Will I get it??

    My GRE is 308, I took it Tuesday.
  11. I submitted my application early last week. My LOR's are from 2 professors at my school and one from a PA I shadow. My gpa, GRE, and hours are posted in the thread 2014 applicants. As far as why I chose to apply here, well I have a few reasons. First, it's one of the closest schools to me that I have the prerequisites for. Second, I went to an open house and loved it. Third, it is a Christian school and I love that so much! My undergrad is a Christian school so I think the transition would be easier that way. Good luck!
  12. kflatt00

    2014 Applicants

    Yeah, I got the same email yesterday. I would like to know what I look like as an applicant also. My stats are 3.9 cumulative GPA, 3.7 science GPA, and just took the GRE today and made 308. I have 300+ emergency room volunteer hours and about 70 shadowing hours of a PA in the emergency room, as well as some shadowing of doctors, nurses, and techs in the emergency room as well. Thanks and good luck!
  13. kflatt00

    Actual CASPA verification wait times

    Mine took 2 days
  14. I figured I would start this thread for the current applicants to get to know each other, share information, and share stats. Good luck to you all! :)

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