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  1. Third year here, about to graduate (wow how time flies), and just wanted to let y'all know that UTMB once again has full accreditation status. Good luck everyone! I was a third time applicant as well, got in, and it's been great.
  2. The weather caused staff to go home early, FYI, in case there's no prompt responses to y'all's emails.
  3. You'd start classes in the summer, but the fall semester begins sometime in late August, probably the 27th.
  4. We used to not, but they changed that this year for didactic. It's not as big of a bummer as it sounded.
  5. For whatever reason, the link redirects to the beginning of this thread for me. This one works though: http://www.balancingchina.com If you want to subscribe, you will be notified of any new posts. As new content gets published, it will help prepare you for school and give you some insight into what didactic year (and beyond) is like, especially if you are specifically interested in UTMB (which you should be because it is awesome! :) )
  6. Most (i.e. 99%) of my medical experience is from scribing in an ER and an orthopedics clinic. The other bit is from volunteering as a nurse aid at a free clinic. Similar responsibilities as LPZ above me.
  7. My friends who interviewed in October and November haven't heard anything yet. Last year the waitlist came out on December 2nd, so it shouldn't be too much longer.
  8. I'd recommend calling and explaining your situation to them.
  9. I've e-mailed them twice with updates on my hours, gave them my CASPA number, and haven't gotten a response haha. Maybe I'll give them a call next week. Not a huge deal, but it'd be cool to hear some good news from them.
  10. First I heard of there being a double interview was 10/3; didn't even mention it to us when I interviewed in August. There was around 40-50 of us on my interview day.
  11. Had a friend who submitted in August and she just got a denial yesterday. I submitted in May and still haven't heard from them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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