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  1. I pretty much did not get accepted to any PA schools this year due to my low GPA from undergrad (cum GPA 3.1, sGPA 2.8). I have re-taken almost all of my classes and have taken extra undergrad courses to help with my grades. However, despite receiving mostly A's and 2 Bs on my recent courses, my GPAs have slightly improved (cumGPA 3.28, sGPA 2.93). I contacted all the programs for advice on improving and they all had different answers on how I can be more competitive. Some suggested I continue taking hard upper div courses, others recommended that I enroll in a Master's or post-bacc program.
  2. Thanks tariesen. I am hesitant in applying to schools this late since many have already sent out interview invites and are on rolling admissions. I just hope that the there are spots available for late applicants.
  3. Hi. I've submitted most of my apps early August but I am considering in applying to more schools, including Arcadia. Would it be too late to play to Arcadia? And how do I decide between Delaware and PA?
  4. I have submitted my CASPA application and applied to 15 schools. I did poorly in my science courses during my undergrad but since graduating 2 yrs ago I retook all the science prereqs (All As and few Bs) and have taken additional courses plus gained extensive patient care hours as CNA and volunteer work. However, because of the way CASPA calculates the GPAs, my calculated science GPA is low (2.7) but my overall GPA improved from 2.8 to a 3.1. I feel like my science GPA will disqualify me from meeting any school requirements. Should I be worried that schools are totally going to ignore my appli
  5. I took the GRE a month ago and received scores of 162 on the verbal reasoning and 165 on the quantitative reasoning section. I am pleased with those two scores, but I am kind of disappointed that I received a 3.5 on the analytical writing section. I guess it's because I did not spend time preparing for the writing portion. I would like to re-take the GRE just so I can improve on my writing score. I know that there are quite a few PA programs that want at least a score of 4. Should I re-take the GRE?
  6. Thanks for the replies! I just enrolled in a pharmacology course and spoke to the professor regarding my question. She definitely agrees that taking the course will help me in PA school since she knows a lot of PAs who have said that pharmacology was one of the toughest courses they took in the programs. I am actually looking forward to this class..
  7. So I was shadowing a new PA today and we had a conversation about drugs. I asked her if it was easy for her to memorize all the drugs and medications during PA school and she said it was very difficult. PA students who had jobs as nurses, emt did well in the pharmacology course that she had to take. I asked her if I should take a pharmacology course at a junior college just so I could get the feel of how intense the materials will be if I get into a PA program and she told me it's not necessary unless I want to. Should I enroll in the course? Would it benefit me not only for the PA program but
  8. Thanks for the reply. I really like being a caregiver and serving others. I only took this job because I am finishing up my pre-reqs and needed a job that is flexible with my school schedule. Sometimes, I do get extensive interactions with behavior therapists and with nurses whenever I get a chance of driving my patients to their appointments. However, I have done two years of clinical research during my undergrad. As a clinical research student, I basically just took vitals of our patients and documented their medications. I also did 3 yrs of volunteering as a medical specialist for a non
  9. I have been working as an in-home caregiver for the past six months through a nonprofit agency. I do a lot of direct interactions with my patients (disabled seniors, children with Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, etc) by assisting in bathing, meal preparation, medican reminders, transporting them to appointments and serving as a companion. I have looked into very few PA programs regarding the types of patient care experiences they approve and don't approve. So far, I have looked into 5 schools and only 1 does not consider the caregiving job as part of HCE and 2 schools listed it as acceptable. Wo
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