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  1. So, after expressing my deep interest in joining their group, it sounds like it would be best to inform them that a job change means walking away from $15k this month, then ask for that $15k as a signing bonus while also mentioning my intention to relocate... (with no real expectation that I will actually receive any kind of a signing/relocation bonus, especially not the entire $15,000.) Negotiations are not my favorite thing. *sigh* But they're important.
  2. Thank you. You are correct - In order for me to receive the $15k disbursement (which can ONLY go to student loans) from my current job, I need to submit a contract that says I will stay there until June 2018.... or I would have to repay 150% of what was disbursed. They're dead serious. The new job's loan repayment is most likely one lump sum of $50k after I have been there for 2 years. I doubt I would see any of it sooner. The clinic is owned by a Native American tribe, and I believe it's a government program for that. I also am really curious about the quarterly bonuses. I a
  3. Ok - long post. Sorry. Here's the summary if you don't want to read it all: How much of a signing bonus is reasonable to ask for? Is $10k over the top? And the long version: I'm in the process of interviewing for a new position at an interventional pain management practice (not a pill factory - they wean people off). I have 5 years' experience, mostly in FP/UC, so I know my way around the exam room and EMRs, and am totally comfortable in the PA role. The odds of me receiving an offer are really good - they're expanding the practice and hiring 3-4 more PAs at once, and I've been in
  4. Wait... maybe I'm just young and naive, but I don't quite see why anxiety/depression would be a problem. Are PAs not allowed to have any emotional issues?
  5. Thanks for the input. Lots to think about. I have an appointment with the new doc on the 6th. Whether or not he becomes my PCP will also depend on his comfort level and preferences, not just mine. If he would prefer not to, that's completely understandable. I'll ask for a reference and look elsewhere. But if he IS willing, great. Perhaps the bigger question should be: Can I trust the MAs and billing folks to respect my privacy? I would like to think so...
  6. So, I have some health issues which need to be followed by a PCP, but lately I'm feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the doc I've been seeing on-and-off for about 9 years. I think I am in the market for a new doc. This Thursday, there will be a new physician joining the group where I work, and I have already seen/treated some of his patients in the urgent care. They rave about him - saying he's very thorough, very smart, very nice, and basically everything I'm looking for in a new doc for myself. I googled him and found tons of positive reviews. I want him to be MY doctor, too. Ah,
  7. Ah, a thread is resurrected. I'll let you know how my story turned out. In mid-March, I landed a part-time (PRN) family practice/urgent care position in a great and growing clinic within 2 miles of my home. Although thrilled to have a few hours, I still needed to find another part- or full-time job to make ends meet. There were a few interviews which didn't lead to much until about two weeks ago when I had an interview with another (smaller) family practice clinic. Although they made me a part-time offer, I just never felt good about it. The next day, I got a call from the
  8. I appreciate the supportive replies. Thanks. Work is so awkward and uncomfortable now that I would love to just walk away and never go back, but as Teasip correctly supposed, I very much need the income. The last PA who left (the guy I replaced) did have something else lined up, but was still planning on finishing his 2 weeks out when the doc one morning just told him to go home - he was done. He had patients on the schedule and everything. I fear the same may happen to me, so I have actually already cleaned out my desk to make leaving easier when it happens. When my SP told me he'
  9. Update: we negotiated up a little. Not as much as I had hoped, but I accepted an offer on Feb 1st. I notified my current SP that day that I would be working for them on my regular day off. However, the new bosses were eerily quiet until I finally got an email a week later saying that they changed their minds and decided to go a different route. They rescinded the offer. Again, I informed my SP. The next day, my SP told me he would be replacing me in the next couple of weeks. So now instead of having 2 jobs, I have none. To add insult to injury (or the other way around), the same week all o
  10. rcdavis - thanks. I think you're absolutely right, and I will be taking the job. I do very much appreciate everyone's advice and encouragement. I have learned a lot about contracts and negotiating through this experience, and that information is valuable to me. But I am indeed young in my career, and I know that this is just the beginning. As rcdavis pointed out, the offer is still darn good money... much better than the $7/hr I made scrubbing the most disgusting urinals ever in a long-neglected grocery store bathroom, much better than the $8/hr I made trying to keep the housewar
  11. Got a reply this morning... So, they're holding firm at $41. I'm a little miffed that he thinks the info I got from my "PA friends" is not accurate and not "actual data," when the fact is they ARE local, and the $42-$50 really is what they told me... but I also believe that he has spoken to many more urgent care PAs than I have. I suspect that he and I both pick and choose our data when it comes to pay: I presented data to him from AAPA, MGMA, and AAUCM which portrayed higher wages for UC PAs ($48-$55/hr), while not sharing data from other (less-reputable) sources which indi
  12. Thanks. This is suburban Utah, beginning part time, becoming full time later. Yes, I did talk to some UC PAs in Utah, who provided some good information. I don't know how much revenue they're bringing in, but I know that most of their clinics are very, very busy. So, I did something gutsy this morning. I replied as follows: I realize this was a pretty bold thing to do, but I was tired of dancing around and implying that they should pay me more... so as politely as possible, I laid it all out there and told them what I think is fair. I'm on pins and needles awaiting a reply...
  13. I am negotiating a contract with an UC chain, and we're down to pay considerations. The initial offer was $39/hr, which is way too low. I gave him three examples of hard data (AAPA, AAUCM, MGMA) that indicate that median pay is $50+/hr for urgent care PAs, and mentioned that local new grads 5 years ago report $42/hr starting UC pay. (I have 8 mos of very applicable, very autonomous experience.) He said he would take it all into consideration, look at the "bottom line" and get back to me. I just got the new contract, and the new offer is... wait for it... $41. Seriously??? I'm n
  14. Just got back. Some of my concerns are related to the fact that they were using a full-time contract for a PRN (to start) position. For instance, I only have to put the new employer as the priority when I become full-time with them. The contract doesn't specify that, so he will edit it. I asked for there to be some kind of clause stating that I would become full-time, but he said no, because it depends on my performance, and there's no guarantee. I forgot to strike out the noncompete clause. I'll just cross it off before I sign the revised contract. Regarding malpractice, he sta
  15. Thanks for the reply, deborah212 and ventana! Regarding malpractice, I discovered/realized that I never signed a real contract with my current employer (this is my first PA job). I am currently on my SP's insurance, but I highly doubt he will want to pay for tail coverage for me, as it is so expensive. It is possible that I'm just not understanding how malpractice insurance works, but I thought prior acts coverage at the new job would work instead of a tail at the old job. Is that not true? (Honest question - I really don't know.) Because the PT/PRN status is only temporary until I
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