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  1. Congrats to those who have gotten in and those who are on the wait list pending an open seat! We have students in our class right now that interviewed on the last interview day and were placed on the wait-list and ended up getting in. Also students who were pulled from the list a week or two before classes started. So there is always hope!! Best of luck to you all!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a current PA student at ATSU. Does anyone have an interview this Wednesday 11/4? For those of you on the alternate list try not to stress too much or get discouraged. I know it's easier said then done. The nice thing about ATSU is that they start accepting students much earlier than other programs so as students start to accept offers from other schools they may pull out from ATSU. We have several students in our class who got pulled from the alternate list including some who found out weeks before. Anyways let me know if you have questions! I am a current ambassador and can help with students who have been accepted or who have received interviews or prospective students. Email me anytime lhobert@atsu.edu
  3. Ya I got in for next year also...I had the July Interview date. But ASopeland is right, only 50 spots for the class.
  4. Interview invites went out today! I'll be declining mine as I already got accepted to ATSU which is in state for me! Good luck to all!!
  5. I got the call today too!!! Class of 2017!!!!!
  6. Yes, I got that same email this morning as well.
  7. I submitted my CASPA on the day it opened and got my supplemental on May 7th, submitted the supplemental the same day. I got the interview offer on 6/12. I will be there on 7/17!!
  8. Anyone who has been there or already interviewed recommend a good place to stay? I have never been there before so I am not too sure! Thanks!
  9. I got a call today for the interview on 2/22. I was shocked...I was already preparing to reapply again this year. But I am very excited!
  10. Ya I interviewed on 9/11 and I've been waiting since then. I interviewed with PA Lee. Not really sure on the order of how they are sending acceptances out just hope they will continue tomorrow morning which means I won't be sleeping tonight :/
  11. I think the interviews that were today were apart of group 1. I've been waiting to hear Since my interview on 9/11. I was excited it was only two days away, bummed we'll have to wait longer.
  12. Wow you just seem so angry. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion even if it is not the same opinion that you may have. :) That is why we live in America.
  13. I agree with u auviphung. Uscbigdawg I don't have any hard feelings about AT Still I just think that if u have a choice most people would pick the school who is not on probation. And for your info I do know what I'm talking about. I've talked to several grads from AT Still (even students who were in school when the probation started) over the past several years and I work at a local hospital and people in the community (doctors and PAs) both know about their probation and have advised people to not apply until they are cleared of it hopefully this march 2014. So I do have my facts straight. There is really no need to be rude we all have our opinions and are free to make the choices we want to. So with that being said I Wish you the best of luck, u got accepted early which means u must be a strong applicant and I'm sure u will do well.
  14. I think you all have to remember that the supplemental application is the schools way of making some money. I have heard that all interview spots are filled currently. But I have also heard that since AT Still is on probation they are trying to fill up their class as soon as possible. They know that most of their applicants may receive interviews at Midwestern or NAU and if accepted to either of those schools students would more than likely choose those schools since they are not on probation. So I believe at some point they will have more interview spots open from people choosing other programs. But honestly I would choose either Midwestern or NAU over AT Still any day only because these schools have a better reputation and are not on probation. I know people who received interviews last year at AT Still and they were put on the waitlist for admission and this year they have not even received a supplemental application invite. So it makes you think how they are picking people.....
  15. Do you know if they have sent out interviews yet?
  16. They might. I am not sure. I know it is a way for the school to make some money, so you never know if they send it out to everyone.
  17. No I got the email stating they are reviewing my application and won't be inviting anyone for interviews until November so we won't hear anything from them until then. Interviews are in January and February. And the email also stated it is discouraged to call and check the status of your application.
  18. Congrats!! I'm hoping to hear something soon. Did they email you or call to setup the interview?
  19. Ya I got the virtual campus tour too. I called and they said that was a mass mailing for people who want more information about the school. She did say they have sent out some invites for interviews (she did not mentioned when they were) but that they were still going through applications in the queue.
  20. Yes if they like your application then they will have you do the supplemental and then they review that and then get invited for an interview. It's not much different just some basic information and you have to pay a fee. I submitted my caspa application the same day it came out and it was verified in early May and mailed in early June when they did their first mailings. TUN had me do there supplemental one day after my application was mailed and I got the interview invite yesterday.
  21. Has anyone heard anything from MWU in Glendale Arizona besides signing up for their online portal? Just curious...this is my number one choice!!
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