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  1. Congrats to those who have gotten in and those who are on the wait list pending an open seat! We have students in our class right now that interviewed on the last interview day and were placed on the wait-list and ended up getting in. Also students who were pulled from the list a week or two before classes started. So there is always hope!! Best of luck to you all!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a current PA student at ATSU. Does anyone have an interview this Wednesday 11/4? For those of you on the alternate list try not to stress too much or get discouraged. I know it's easier said then done. The nice thing about ATSU is that they start accepting students much earlier than other programs so as students start to accept offers from other schools they may pull out from ATSU. We have several students in our class who got pulled from the alternate list including some who found out weeks before. Anyways let me know if you have questions! I am a current ambassador and can help with students who have been accepted or who have received interviews or prospective students. Email me anytime lhobert@atsu.edu
  3. Ya I got in for next year also...I had the July Interview date. But ASopeland is right, only 50 spots for the class.
  4. Interview invites went out today! I'll be declining mine as I already got accepted to ATSU which is in state for me! Good luck to all!!
  5. I got the call today too!!! Class of 2017!!!!!
  6. Yes, I got that same email this morning as well.
  7. I submitted my CASPA on the day it opened and got my supplemental on May 7th, submitted the supplemental the same day. I got the interview offer on 6/12. I will be there on 7/17!!
  8. Anyone who has been there or already interviewed recommend a good place to stay? I have never been there before so I am not too sure! Thanks!
  9. I got a call today for the interview on 2/22. I was shocked...I was already preparing to reapply again this year. But I am very excited!
  10. Ya I interviewed on 9/11 and I've been waiting since then. I interviewed with PA Lee. Not really sure on the order of how they are sending acceptances out just hope they will continue tomorrow morning which means I won't be sleeping tonight :/
  11. I think the interviews that were today were apart of group 1. I've been waiting to hear Since my interview on 9/11. I was excited it was only two days away, bummed we'll have to wait longer.
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