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  1. Hello Folks , Accepted an offer which I thought was reasonable. I have 2 1/2 yrs experience on primary care 142 K /year , 24 hrs sick leave 56 hours of Paid Time Off. Company Paid Licensure for: DEA, PA Lic & DOT. Mal-practice insurance coverage. Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance. Company's 401K Plan. Company Paid UpToDate Subscription towards your CMEs. Additionally, I will also be eligible for an annual bonus up to $8,000 which will be based on your performance and practice development goals The medical insurance will st
  2. Thank you MediMike . That was really helpful . Will go to that page .
  3. Hello Folks, Have got a job offer from Urgent care ( full time ). Its a salary base with benefits . I have few questions : 1) They have already mentioned the amount they would pay . Is there any chance for negotiations ? 2) They do have a good benefit package , does that count as a part of salary too? 3) Has or is any one working or was working in urgent care full time ? Can you please share your experience ? It's a ,much better offer than my present job ( where I am not even getting the hours that were promised to me ). I am very much tempted to take it
  4. Hello Folks, Good morning Are contract jobs safe ? I am getting an offer ( with very good pay) from Maxim Health care . There are no benefits though. Its for a company for medically home . Its in Vallejo , CA . Any advice is appreciated , Thank you.
  5. Thank you SAS 5814 That is exactly what was going through my mind. I doubt if the situation is going to change as I had several discussions and it remains the same. Thank you for your response.
  6. Hello folks , I had mentioned earlier that I took a job in a private clinic ( Internal Medicine ) 5 months ago after working for corrections for 2 yrs . I was promised 36 hrs a week I took this job even after a pay cut ( $9 less than what I was making ) to gain some experience as I always wanted to be in Internal Medicine. Even after 5 months , I am not getting my hours . I have a feeling that I will be exploited , over worked and underplayed and really don’t see a future here , looking into other options and have an interview ( zoom) with medically home . ( It’s providing acute c
  7. Thank you Wilso ar . Thank you for your information . It had been on my mind , have done some during with jobs . Have to log them . Yes I do have ACLS and BLS ... just got off tract as started new job and my focus was on that. I will get on it . Thank you .
  8. Hello Folks , I have to log in 100 credits for maintaining NCCPA certification by March 31st . I am an Memeber of AAPA . Can I get all the required CME’s from AAPA? What are other resources ? Can any one guide me ? Do you have enough time to get all the CME ‘s . Would appreciate your guidance . Thank you
  9. Thank you rev ronin, mgrifiths & maya mom. Appreciate you guys taking time and responding. Yes makes alot of sense to be patient and gain his confidence . I also agree with having direct communication with rather than through a mediator. Thank you
  10. Thank uou mgriffiths , yes the contract says 36 hrs . I only worked 4 days this week. So technically I should bepaid for 36 hrs ... He did not sat that he does not want me to be in the clinic alone , he said I can start doing it when I feel I am ready. I think I can be ready from next week. Thank you for responding
  11. Hello Fellow PA's I joined a new job in the private practice ( after quitting the job from the corrections). I had 2 offers one from Community clinic , one from the private practice. I went ahead with the private practice. My first week went very well with lot of training and I learned the new EMR and started seeing patients on my own since the second day. Its a small clinic with one receptonist , 2 MA's and 2 providers ( including me ) . I am getting a very good feed back that I am doing very well , from the all of the staff , including the Doctor I am working with. ( They indicated th
  12. Yes I know that Boatswain2. Yes my debt is by bigger problem . Thank you for the input and taking time to give suggestions . As you said I will be ok if I stick with either of them .
  13. Hello fellow PA's , I got the official written letter from La Clinica ( Community Health Clinic ) . I have to make decision by Friday , bet ween this offer and the Private clinic offer Again I graduated in 2018, worked in corrections ( for 1 yr 9 months ) since then. I was payed very well in the corrections , but the atmosphere was very toxic and the manager started micromanaging and I quit the job one month ago. Currently have 2 offers to decide. 1)La clinica : Base pay : 108, 068 annually , Location : 25 mins drive , has loan repayment options through ( NHSC L
  14. Hello MSPAC2 ,, Thank you for your input. I highly appreciate it. I have sent you a personal message . Can you please reply to that ? Thank you.
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