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  1. Dear Friends, When you were trying to find preceptors in your area , did you have a resume ( indicating the rotations you have finished and the objectives and goals you have met in those rotations) . If you have , can you please share a sample or any website that will help to build a resume to represent yourself as a competent candidate for the desired clerkship near where you live? Currently looking for pediatric clerkship in Walnut Creek . Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Dear fellow PA students, I am in the last semester ( Finished 7 ) rotations and in very unusual situation. I have a family emergency ( which I can't discuss here as its very emotional) and mentally not in a place to finish the rotations. I had a Staff meeting & will most likely be awarded a leave of absence . I plan to start the other 2 rotations in January. I have good academic grade until now with GPA of 3.5. ( including didactics & clinical). My question is how does this work? I know usually there is summative evaluations in the end of rotations, so does this mean I can take these evaluations after finishing rotations or I have to take them when in December? Will it impact my licensing and my future as PA-C ? Any response is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Dear Friends, I am in a situation where due to some family emergency will be not able to complete 2 of my final rotations. The faculty has offered me a leave of absence and I am planning to resume from January. Does that mean that the summative evaluation which is usually done at the end of rotations ( the last week) has to be done only after finishing the rotations ? . I know the summative evaluations are one of the part for graduation . Any idea if they can be taken before finishing rotations, or does it vary by different programs? Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. joelseff, EMPEDA, MCHAD UGo long , akrenner0991, thank you much for taking time and responding . I have only 4 more days in this rotation . Have evaluated in detail about this clerkship to my school .Yes as Ugolong mentioned it is to do with old experienced new graduate has to be payed higher and I have kids so definitely cant work straight 12 hrs a day which he sometimes does. I think it's a matter of finding the right match where your skill set experience & maturity are valued. Thank you again for your support & feed back . Nothing should stop any one from chasing thier dreams and incidents like these just makes one more determined to pursue them. And above all " age is just a number" Sincerely, Empowered
  5. Hello, Currently into my last round of my cardiology rotation. As I mentioned in my earlier post , although the cardiologist does lot of interventional procedures ( angiogram, pacemakers, angioplasty ) Almost 80% time I am observing. To keep my attitude positive & to learn in detail I ask lot of questions which he explains and encourages me to read. He is looking for a PA ( his staff reported me that) His staff keep on encouraging me to apply there as they like me ,but when ever I have a conversation with him to know what type of qualities he is looking for in a PA? always the discussion ends with he mentioning, " you have to compete with younger PA's " I do have a good relationship with him and he definitely takes interest and shows and explains to me in detail all the procedures he is doing, but his above statement is confusing me. I am not looking for a job there cause I shadow most of the times and I don't like the fact that he introduces to his patients most of the time as " my student" but some times as " assistant". Definitely don't feel like I am part of a team but some thing less than him. I am in my mid 40's with lot of clinical experience before I entered PA school. I did well in didactic year and have been getting very good evaluations from all my previous clinical rotations. I got good evaluation ( above average )from him for my midterm. I enjoy what I do and passionate about my future profession. I feel I have lot to offer . But I don't understand his constant remarks that " I have to compete with younger PA's " Does that mean I am too old to pursue cardiology? What are my options of getting into intervention cardiology? His words are very discouraging to me . Any feed back is highly appreciated. Just wanted to do some reality check. Thank you.
  6. Thank you so much Beattie 228 . That really helps. Yes I am looking at it as a learning opportunity rather than hands on. Thank you for taking time and responding to my question.
  7. Hello, Currently in my 2 nd year PA school doing rotation # 6 in cardiology with a physician in CA. Its been one week and mostly I have been just shadowing him. The day starts with rotations at hospital , coming back to the clinic, he lets me see few patients by myself ( May be the number will increase as days goes by) and then again rounding in the hospital around lunch time with finishing in the clinic. He does cardiac catheterizations on Wednesdays ( which I watch & then he comes & explains which artery he put stent on or just did the diagnostic ) I am not doing a lot of hands on with him. Is that normal? I know it can vary from physician to physician but just wanted to get an idea what to expect. Also he has been mentioning that he is looking to hire a PA because his work load is high & when I asked in detail what would the job responsibilities , he said mostly taking care of the paperwork & discharges..( but honestly I don't have a clear idea yet) Should I consider this an job opportunity ? Also how do find out what would be the responsibilities of PA he is planning to hire ? This is still my 1st week in the rotation. I am interested in practicing in cardiology but wanted to make sure this is the right job for me. Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Dear fellow PA students, Currently finished my 4th rotation in EM and on a week summer break. My question is how imp & detailed the pt logging's have to be? I am lagging behind as some days are really tiring & with a toddler at home I get no time even in the weekends. Although some clinical coordinator's are very particular about logging them regularly, mine is not. My question is do these logging's really help you to land in your dream job or are they for some research purpose? How detailed should they be? Do you include diagnostic codes for every pt you see? Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hello , I just finished my emergency medicine rotation. had a blast and got very good evaluations, but I barely passed the EOR exam as i hardly had time to study with roations and a toddler. My question is how imp is to get a high score in these exams & how do you prepare for them? Thank you.
  10. Yes you are right, but some times situations can get complicated ..and being aware of it rather than getting sucked into it and keeping the goal in mind can be helpful.
  11. NEB1985, There is no issue here , just bringing to awareness that there can be very insecure/ dependent characters in PA school too and my point to start the thread was to be in a group and choose study partners carefully who can help & support you, not use you and drain you ( not to repeat the mistake I did ) Also I feel this period can be beautiful opportunity to learn dealing with difficult people who are there every where you go .
  12. Dear Friends, Thank you for the feedback. Totally agree that talking face to face & thanking them for their time , and letting them know that I am moving on with studying alone is the best way. In my situation there was never another session scheduled with them. Infant I was totally screwed and left unsupported one week before the final exam when one of them completely took over the other ( felt like she wanted to sabotage my grades) and changed the whole plan , on top of that she sent a nasty text accusing me of not paying attention to her & making her feel miserable that the academic relationship is over . The other person went with her and when I approached to talk to her was not interested and walked away. Under these circumstances, I thought it was best to walk away with dignity and prayed for them for strength & peace. Did not know how to handle it otherwise. Do appreciate your inputs and in future if I come across these difficult people now know how to handle it diplomatically. Thank you for your time.
  13. Thank you Lauren, You would not think that you will be dealing such things in PA school but sometimes you have to deal with all these petty things. I guess it will be good practice before going into the real world.
  14. Dear Friends, Dealing with a very difficult situation with one of the classmate I used to study last semester ( summer semester) I am in my last semester in didactic year right now. We were 3 of us and to wards the end of the semester I felt I was tutoring them most of the time and felt manipulated and being used. Bottom line I felt drained and decided to move away in a nicer way. I did send them text and tried to talk to the other 2 and never got a response. So I left it that way and moved on.This semester one of them in turning very bitter and is framing me to prove me bad. Sounds very immature & childish to go through this PA school but this is the my situation which is causing unnecessary stress . Was wondering if any of you have gone through situation like this and how you handled it? Just wanted to finish my last semester and want to move on to rotations. Excited to start rotations. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.
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