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  1. I'm not sure the exact "chances", but I can tell you that I was accepted off of the hold status earlier this cycle. It's kind of a bittersweet experience knowing you aren't rejected but you aren't accepted yet either. I was stressing hard about it. I saw one or two other people were offered spots after being placed on the hold status as well, so there is definitely still a chance! It just means that the committee did not form a conclusion about you yet and that you are still being compared to other applicants. My advice is to focus on work, hobbies, or family time around the holidays to get your mind off of it. Good luck!
  2. Hey all, I just got an acceptance email for St. George; however, I will be declining because I got into another great school closer to home. Good luck to those waiting to hear back! I've been wait-listed before and I know it sucks, so I hope my spot is offered up to someone out there and makes them happy!
  3. Hey all! I wanted to update those on the alternate list. I know I kept checking the forums to for updates, so hopefully some of you see this. I was called and offered a spot off the alternate list a few days ago; however, I declined because I got into another great school closer to home on the west coast. I was number 3 on the alternate list, so they're slowly working their way through the list. Last year I think they moved down to numbers 6-8? maybe to 10? For those of you still waiting, good luck! There's still hope!
  4. Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.16 Cumulative Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.22 (3.9 in the last 90 units of classes) 360 volunteer hours 8700 hours paid patient care experience as an EMT/Paramedic. About 450 hours shadowing experience. One PA in the ER, one in a rural primary clinic, and one in a surgical specialty. 500 hours of teaching experience. This is my 3rd time applying in 4 years. I took time off last year to work on my application's weak areas.
  5. I received a call yesterday as well! I interviewed on October 10th and was placed on a "hold status". I was nervous about the delay, but I got the call yesterday! I am beyond words right now. I've been applying to PA schools for 3 years and OHSU has always been my top choice! I am so excited to start classes and meet you all! Good luck to those with interviews coming up, and happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Hey guys, I'm also interviewing on the 17th. I should be in town in the late afternoon and I'd love to meet up too. I'll plan on being there around 6pm as well!
  7. Hey guys! I got the call yesterday, too! I interviewed in Seattle but they offered me a spot in Tacoma class 7! Kind of bummed we won't be classmates but I'll run into y'all in the summer!
  8. I'm not sure when the last interviews are this year, but last time I interviewed at OHSU I received an invitation in November for a early January interview. Waiting is tough but no news should be good news for you! Best of luck!
  9. Is this you, An? This is Tim! Waiting to hear back is hard, right? ? Your advice is great. Everyone with interviews coming up should try to relax and be themselves. The faculty are very friendly and professional. Think of other applicants as future classmates and work together. The day goes by in a flash, and the MMIs are a good was to test an applicant's overall demeanor. Be yourselves!
  10. University Place Hotel was affordable and clean. They were friendly and it's one MAX station away from the waterfront on the "orange line". If you mention you're there for the interview they give a discounted rate. They also have a continental breakfast starting at 630am that is actually pretty good! I ate some toast and fruit to try to get something in my stomach before the interview.
  11. I would've loved to come meet you guys but my flights were delayed today. I just got into town. I'll see you tomorrow!
  12. I also heard back today and got an interview for Nov. 1st! I'm coming from California and would love to meet up and meet some of you all the night before. Does anyone have any recommendations for local spots to meet?
  13. Yes, there's a small essay portion. They give you a simple prompt to answer and it's very relaxed and low-stress. They just want to make sure that you were the one who wrote your own CASPA essay. I wouldn't worry too much about that part of the interview. The faculty are very personable and friendly. You'll be fine!
  14. Just confirmed an interview date of October 10th. If anyone else has an interview that day, let me know! I'm open to meeting up the day before on the 9th to get to know other applicants before the big day. Good luck to everyone else still waiting! Just be patient. Last time I interviewed at OHSU I didn't hear back until way later in the cycle.
  15. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any experience reinterviewing at programs. 2 years ago, I attended an interview at my top choice program. After getting the rejection, I spent time reviewing my application. I didn't apply last year and instead spent 2 years strengthening my academic, clinical, and volunteer experiences. I was excited to see they want me to come back for another interview this year. Has anyone here reinterviewed at the same school? I'm expecting them to ask how I've strengthened myself since I last interviewed with them. What other questions should I prepare for? Do schools change their interview format for prior candidates? Should I expect to be surrounded by other applicants that are being given a second chance? Thanks!
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