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  1. My husband and I are moving overseas this year for his job and I am wondering how I can keep clinically active while overseas? I don't want a large gap in practice once we return to the US, hindering any future employment. I know the State Department hires PAs for their clinics but I'm not sure I can make that commitment as I have an infant. Anyone know of any telehealth positions for PAs that anyone has had experience with? Thanks!!
  2. I will be graduating soon and will be moving to Manhattan this summer. Are there any hospitals in the area that hire new PA grads to work the ER? EMed would be my top choice but the sense that I am getting is that new grads are generally not hired in the Manhattan are to work in the ED. I also know that NYP Cornell has a residency program for EMed, maybe that's where they pool their new grads from? I would be interested in looking for a position rather than a residency! Anyone that moved from a different field into EMEd in Manhattan? Thanks!
  3. Anyone working at Columbia Internal Med? I recently interviewed for a position here and would love to pick your brain! I will be graduating soon so this will be my first job. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I wasn't able to find a thread about this so here it goes. I just applied for the 2014 cycle and some of the school I have applied to have rolling admissions. So some will make their decisions now and others later this year. If I were to get an offer for acceptance nowadays, would it be okay to accept it until I hear back from other schools? I know you have to make a decision within two weeks and I'm okay putting down a deposit. It's just that I know a lot of the school I applied to won't even make interview decisions until later this year and I would like to give myself options. Is it okay to accept and then later decline? And is it okay to accept to multiple schools to give yourself some decision making time? Thanks, Sarah
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