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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that today I got an accepted call! This was the one of the happiest moment of my life. Wish all of you best of luck in getting into pa school.
  2. I paid my application FEE of $75 back in June but I never received any email confirmation nor supplemental application??
  3. MarkMass I will do that soon as I get my professor do write me a letter. On CASPA it states that you can add more letter of recommendations up to five even though my application has been submitted. Thanks
  4. MarkMass you are right but just want to make sure I do everything on my side. I will get it done but should I call the school to let them know that my third recommendation letter is added on CASPA??
  5. MarkMass thank you for the feedback. I did submit three but they all were from MD's and PA bu! I will request another one from a professor I am just stressing out bc I don't want them to think that I did ZERO research on their school. Hope I get a chance and good luck to you too ..
  6. They are missing one of my recommendation letters they just send me an email today bc mine were all from MD's and PA. Does that mean that my application is thrown out for not having the recommendation letter?? even if I request a new one??
  7. I have a question for you guys. I just received an email yesterday showing my documents that they have and it says that I am missing a recommendation letter from a PROFFESOR and all of mine are from MD,PA's. My question is this if I request another recommendation letter from a PROFFESOR does that mean that my chances are dropped to the bottom due to my application missing a recommendation letter?? Please let me know when I saw the email I was so stressed out.. :(
  8. Is it better that they are moving to CASPA?
  9. To reapply after you got rejected! Do you need to start a brand new application or is there a different application for students that want to reapply??
  10. I received my rejection letter as well......... I wish the ones that got interviews would share their; background, like schooling, gpa's and experiences thx
  11. LOL I will.. thanks I just noticed your status it says registered PA.. thats great man.. What year did u graduate from PA?
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