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  1. Thanks a lot for all the help so far guys! It has been very helpful!
  2. Hey Pre-PA students, I am currently attending a four year university in North Carolina, majoring in Sport Management. After extensive shadowing with two different specialty PA's, I've decided that I want to pursue the career. However, I am in a unique situation because I am a rising senior with 8 classes left to take for my Sport Management degree and I am curious as to how to go about becoming a PA in the most cost effective and most direct way possible. I've read that the major isn't important as long as I'm successful in it (which I am). I'm just concerned about whether I should get my prereqs done while I am in my Sport Management program (currently have the non-science prerequisites for most programs done, but not any of the science ones yet) or should I wait until after I graduate to get the prerequisites finished at possibly a community college (if I am not looked down upon for completing them there). Also, most PA programs require direct patient health care experience and I currently have none of that as well. Should I look to get that done now or after I graduate? I've finally found my passion after years of searching and I really believe that I am capable of being successful as a Physician Assistant. If anyone has any advice that would benefit me in my situation, I would gladly appreciate to hear it! My estimated cumulative GPA will likely be a 3.4-3.6 by the time I graduate and this excludes any prerequisites I would need to take to for PA school. If there are any questions that need to be asked in order to give advice, please let me know! I hope to hear from you Pre-PA students soon! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I currently attend a 4-year university majoring in Sport Management, but have always had a passion for PA school that was affirmed through my recent extensive shadowing experiences with a large hospital and many PA's. I am posting here because I am concerned on how to make my goals of becoming a PA attainable if I'm so far deep into my current major. I know I need Direct Patient Care Hours and I need to get the prerequisites are done as well. Should I delay graduation and take some courses of prereqs or should I graduate and go to a community college after? If anyone has any advice, it would definitely be welcome. Thanks!
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