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  1. Just paid my deposit today! Can't wait to meet you all! :0) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Michael sent another e-mail today saying that acceptance letters would be mailed out next Monday but may be delayed in delivery due to the holiday and so you could call him with any questions. He said that the deposit is due within 2 weeks of the letter. Hope that helps.
  3. Can I be nosy and ask you guys that have gotten interviews what your stats are? GPA, GRE, etc? Thanks =)
  4. I submitted mine and they were not near 4000, all of them were under 1000. I've always been a 'short and sweet' type writer - just clear and succinct so I think as long as the content is there, it's not necessary to fluff it up to 4000 words (and remember they have probably over 1000 of these to read!!!) I got an interview last year and of course I improved on my questions this year but they were still approximately the same length.
  5. Nothing...still hoping! I was told previously that they have accepted waitlist applicants as late as the end of August but of course it is all dependent on opening availability. I think at this point all the acceptances are primarily done and someone would have to drop out last minute from what it sounded like.
  6. Just got an email that I am on the alternate list... Best news yet short of a true acceptance!! Still waiting and keeping fingers crossed :). Anyone else get one? Thanks for the research zirom...it's definitely helpful!!!!
  7. Congrats Mike, you deserve it!!!! You'll do great! I hope I will get to join you =)
  8. Thank you very much!!! Congrats again and with any luck I will hopefully see you in September!
  9. Did you interview both years at LLU? Any advice/tips for the interview? I've got one coming up! Thanks so much and CONGRATS!!!
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