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  1. Hi, I'm a soon to be PA alumni graduating this May.. if anyone is looking for housing.. I live in park slope brooklyn which is a short train ride to Pace! i'm looking for a roommate in medicine, available May 14. Here is my craigslist post! http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/roo/5539294822.html
  2. Graduating Touro College Manhattan PA program.. and looking for another roomie!! I understand what it's like to be a student! :P Here's my CL post. http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/roo/5539294822.html
  3. I have 4 years of scribe experience, and the schools that I applied to were OK with it. :) I know that my pre-med adviser recommends that pre-PA students get EMT and CNA experience though. In a sense, yes it IS just shadowing, but we also know how the doctor "thinks" essentially. We are there when the patients are first seen until they are discharged or admitted. We know (to an extent) what labs/radiology a physician/PA would order for certain symptoms (ie: RLQ pain/RUQ pain, etc). So if you can elaborate that you know that experience in your personal statement or during your interview it would be a giant boost to your application. This is my first time applying to PA schools, I applied to 10, had 5 interviews, and I got in this round :) So good luck!
  4. Thank you @ndikumivof best of luck to you :)
  5. Has anyone that's been accepted started the admissions process? I know that once you get your student ID it is "conditional" upon the terms stated in your letter and your ID isn't really activated until they've reviewed the paperwork. I called Jen Christie and she confirmed that with me today. Also, I confirmed with her that transcripts have to be sent to the bayshore campus address. I'm wondering if anyone taking out loans has started their FAFSA, since this is a BS/MS program, do we put on the fafsa 2nd bachelor's degree (if it is our second) for the first year? I called financial aid and was told that the first year is BS and the second and third year are the graduate years. So I'm guessing I would put 2nd bachelor's and then when we reach our grad years, that FAFSA status will change..? Not really sure how to go about this.
  6. I'm sending an email this morning to take my name off the wait-list since I got in some place else! Good luck to those on the WL :)
  7. @Timon thank you for your feedback! Good to know :)
  8. So the program I have been recently accepted to is a BS/MS program so for the beginning portion of it I will be working towards a BS and since I've exhausted federal aid during my undergrad I was thinking to go for the Sallie Mae option until I qualify for the Grad plus during the MS portion. Anyone have experience with this type of loan or any other loan recommendations? Thanks!
  9. No word yet here! Yeah, I called last week too, they said we are supposed to hear by this week :( I'm not sure if no news = bad news. I think they said in the presentation before the interviews that we should hear by mid March.. But they didn't really say anything about not hearing by then.
  10. Congrats @Kempo221 did you call?? Does the facebook link work for you?
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