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  1. My experience was that not being tied down not enough. They want to know what attracts you to that community or what ties you have to that community. They don’t care that you don’t have ties elsewhere. In their mind if you have ties there, you are likely to stay, otherwise they think you are just going to take the job, gain experience and leave.
  2. Thank you for your response. I am not looking to relocate, but open to it. I am looking jobs in my home state as well as other states. I have not had much luck at home. There about 3 PA schools within close proximity. Thanks for you advise, I will keep an open mind. Its funny that only like psych. I am open to anything but psych. I have a lot of respect for psych providers because I don't think I can do exclusively psych.
  3. Thank you so much for you thorough and thoughtful response. You are right about lack of connections. That is exactly my situation. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. What you said "the sadness of not finding work surely bled through during my interviews". I can definitely relate to that. In fact when I first wrote this post I was getting depressed. You and other people on this post lifted me up. I had a really good interview today that was just short of making an offer, and I have one more tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you so much for the above Info. I am licensed in one state and I have PA organizations in two states. For financial reasons, I can’t add any more licences unless there is an offer. I appreciate all the responses. I am doing most of the things recommended in this post. I will just continue with the process. Thank you again
  5. I don't have an offer but just looking ahead. I have an interview with a family practice for an open PA position. As I was doing my research on his practice I found that he has a lot of negative reviews from patients. Slightly less than half the reviewers liked him and said he was nice and easy going. The rest didn't like him. Most of the complaints were that he cant keep staff including providers. One reviewer actually said he likes the PAs better but they don't stay. Some of the complaint were that the staff are rude. Patients wait too long for their prescription to be called in or not informing patients of imaging results back.... I am concerned with these reviews. Should I take them as a red flag?
  6. I am still struggling to find work @ 6 months post graduation. I have had my school's career and development center critique my resume and made changes they recommended about 5 months ago. I have been looking for jobs in about 10 states in the North East. I am open to any specialty (except Psych). I have had 5 in personal interview which all seemed to have gone well. I had 1 offer which I turned down because didn't offer health insurance and pay wasn't the best. The other 4 interviews also went really well with one of the interviewers even going as far as telling (at the end of the interview) to get all my references ready and apply for a license, but not the DEA because the company pays for it. That was 2 months ago. I have emailed and called check on the status but crickets. I am now at a point where I don't know what to do. I have been using indeed, glassdoor, doccafe, independent recuiters, NHSC job sights. I have probably gone to 50 hospital websites and applied there. Most of the calls I get say something like: Right now we're looking for someone with experience but we'll keep your resume should there be a match or that position is current under negotiation but we would like to pass on your resume to other recruiters for other positions. One of the concern I feel employers have is that I have no connections to the areas. I keeping getting the question what brings you to this area? or do you have ties to this area? What do you look for in a community? Have researched this community and think you would like it here? I have applied to ED jobs, hospitalist, primary care, surgery, internal medicine. I feel like I have done everything. The only thing I have not done is stand by the road site with a sign "PA looking for work" I welcome any suggests on that I can do improve my chances.
  7. hmm, I didn't think about leaving that off. My resume does not areas of interest list but indeed has an intro portion where you write a little bit about yourself (more like a cover letter); but nonetheless, I will remove the areas of interest. Thank you for your input.
  8. BTW. When I submit applications via the employers website directly I can customize it to the specific job and submit a cover letter. I only problem I have is ones I have to do via indeed. Thanks again.
  9. I am open to pretty much all areas of medicine and surgery. The only specialty I am not interested in is psych. I have my resume on indeed and in my intro paragraph I wrote that I was interested interest in internal med, emergency, and hospital medicine (which are my top 3); however I applied to a surgery position using indeed and the hiring manager saw that I listed those 3 areas and kind of called me out on it. My question is: should I change my intro to include all the area I am open to? Does it look bad to list multiple areas? I will be honest I feel particularly attached to one area of medicine. I came out of almost all my rotation feeling excited about them (except for psych off course). The reason I listed the above areas of medicine is because I think they will allow me to learn the most. Any suggestions (related to the above problem or unrelated) will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  10. This might be a stupid question but what a NCCPA blue prints and how can I use them. I went NCCPA website and what see there is content of the blueprints. When I click on a link, like infectious disease it brings up a list of infectious diseases but I can not click on each one of the diseases?
  11. Thanks for the response. Just a few more questions. When you made your charts for every single condition? I try to make charts for all the different and I just have a hard time separated in my head. For example the GI exam covered over 70 conditions and I charted them all spent a good amount of time reviewing them but when it was time to take the exam they were just running together in my head. It coundn't remember what's what. Also when you made charts did go back to your lecture PowerPoint to study the things that didn't make it into your charts. I find that miss questions about something I though was just a minor detail. Thanks again.
  12. I need some guidance of how to study for clinical medicine course. I have tried the following 1. making flash cards/Quizlet 2. making my own notes 3. Making Charts with diagnosis, s/s, PE, and treatment None of the above method have been helpful to me. I just get overwhelmed by the amount of material. I feel like the biggest idiot, because I have failed to figure a method to help me remember what I study. I am the type of person who studies better If I study with other people but everyone I asked pretty much does their own thing. This is my third semester in PA school you would think that by now I would have figured out something that works for me. I don't have problems with other classes but I am really struggling in clinical medicine. I am putting in a lot of time so it not a luck of effort. I am just using an ineffective method. Please help! Thanks in advance.
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