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  1. Congrats! I'm getting anxious to hear more about the program! How long did it take for you to get your acceptance packet in the mail?
  2. @Jord1129 It looks like they pulled a lot from the waitlist for the last class so hopefully you'll be one that gets pulled for this years class! Keep us updated! @HThompson I'm excited to get some more information! I hope they email us soon. Did you get accepted at this interview session? If so, congratulations to you as well! @GreetingsFuturePA They did tell us at the interview session that this was the last one. Give the admissions department a call and ask what you can do next year to make yourself more competitive. They are super helpful and can give you some great tips!
  3. I interviewed today and was accepted!!! Was anyone else accepted? Hopefully some people were because everyone I met today was so nice!
  4. Thank you @CSCH! This makes me feel a lot better, but I'll still try to prepare for it! Is the test you take at the interview session similar to the one you take at orientation? @Audmichelle I pm'd you!
  5. For those of you that have interviewed, what kind of medical terminology/anatomy did you need to know at the interview session? The lady on the phone told me to brush up on these topics before the interview!
  6. Has anyone else gotten any invitations for the May 29th interview session?
  7. Has anyone that applied in February received an invite for an interview yet? I'm getting so nervous!
  8. How did interviews go today? I hope everyone did well!
  9. @audmichelle when did you apply? I applied mid-February and am getting really nervous! I hope applying late didn't hurt my chances!
  10. @Audmichelle I still have not heard back yet. For those of you who have gotten interviews @Jord1129 @mwmwmw80 can you give us a timeline of when you submitted and when they sent you an invite? Also, if you would like to post your stats that would be helpful too!
  11. Has anyone heard any news of when the next interview session is after April 24? Also any invites yet?
  12. I haven't had an interview, but I'm curious to know if those that have been accepted know when the orientation will be. Also, does anyone know when classes will actually start? I'm trying to get a timeline in my head.
  13. Congratulations hleague! That's awesome! Do you mind sharing your timeline/stats to give us all an idea of where they are in the process?
  14. Thanks! I have tried to save up, but I'm not sure I'll have enough for the second year of living expenses! Good to know you can get loans for this too!
  15. Pre-PA2014, I asked earlier on the board and Knance3 told me it is through email! I'm so anxious!!! Haha
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