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  1. Hi All, I'm currently filling out the supplemental financial aid form and I was wondering how many units do PA students take during their Fall and Spring semester of their first year? So for me it would be Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. I'm guessing it's 15+ units, right? Thanks!
  2. Hello johwaite81, Thank you for your response and advice. That’s what I meant about USC helping it’s PA with a job, I meant to say the networking connection that is present among the Trojan family. I guess the biggest drawback for me right now is the extra year at USC. Are you in your 2nd or 3rd year? How do you currently feel about that extra year? Do you mind it? I guess my biggest fear is finishing up my second year and wishing I would’ve done a 2 year program instead. During my interview at USC, I felt very welcomed by all the staff, faculty, and students. I really enjoyed the environment. I know I would enjoy being a part of the PA program there.
  3. Hello mblake, Thanks for your response. Seems like we're in the same boat. I'm also young/single and paying for grad school through loans and very limited saving. In my case, if I chose USC I'll be able to commute from my current home. It's not as close as I'd wish but it's doable. Looking at what'd I'd be spending at LLU for tuition + living expenses, it's turns out to be about the same amount. The extra year at USC is what I'm having a little trouble with. I guess the 8 week clinical rotations would be good for more experience but, as you said, that's a year less of salary as a PA. I also like the PANCE review USC offers it's student during the last semester, which is why USC has such a high first time pass rate. Although, I would like to just get through and finish in 2 years. The PA students and PAs that I've talked to have also said that USC has good networking opportunities, especially in Los Angeles where I plan to practice. You wouldn't happen to be familiar with the clinical rotation sites for LLU? I like the LLU campus and it's surrounding environment, although it seems a little more conservative than USC (I mean it is a faith-based school). I enjoyed the interview process at USC as well but I don't like that the PA program is located at the Alhambra site, doesn't have that "school-feel" to me. I don't really know right now, it's a tough decision. I guess it's a give-and-take.
  4. Hello, I'm looking at both USC and Loma Linda. I'm interested in comparing between the two. Anyone see any significant advantages to one school over another? Does USC really provide the networking connects to help its PA alumni get jobs? During the interview, the panel lead by a USC Alumni said USC didn't help her get a job or do anything after she graduated. Is the $50k+ more in loans worth it for USC? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm looking at both Loma Linda and USC. I'm interested in comparing between the two. Both seem like good educations. So, besides the cheaper cost and shorter time required for Loma Linda, what other reasons have people used to choose Loma Linda over USC? Anyone see any significant advantages to one school over another? (i.e. more rotation choices, better instructors, better rotation sites, etc.) Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Accepted! I got a call before I got home from my interview. I'm so excited and I look forward to meeting all of my future classmates.
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