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  1. Did everyone get a waitlist email or a rejection ? .. I got nothing .. I called and no one . Starting to feel depressed .. I thought my interview went good on feb 7 ..anyone else still waiting from the interview group ?
  2. Congrats Empowred .. I am very happy for you ! You made it ! I did not get the call so I don't know . All the best
  3. Thanks empowred ! I think we should get the email this week .
  4. Hey guys .. I am still waiting for the interview email confirmation .. Did anyone call the school and ask for the status on that ? Thanks in advance
  5. I was never rejected or called for an interview .. What's the deal ? Is anyone still waiting .. Or the cycle is officially over ?
  6. Thanks for letting me know ! And for your previous question , the book is somewhat helpful to form a structure of answers in your head . I got the scholarship email too !
  7. Has anyone, who got a call for the feb 7 interview , get an email invitation ? I need to book the flight and a hotel . Any suggestions will be appreciated . I know I should not be worried but that's the nature of the beast !
  8. Thanks for letting me know .. I just cannot believe that I got the call .. It seems like a dream and I need a validation that it was a real call .. I am very excited for the interview .. I ordered the book .. How to ace the pa school interview .. Hope that helps .. Anything else I should be worried about for the interview .. It's my first ? Please advice .. Thanks and good luck everyone ..
  9. Hey guys! did anyone get any email confirmation after the phone call .. It's been 2 days and I don't have any email confirmation for the interview call .... Btw I am scheduled to interview on 7 February as well... empowred and buhnana .. Hope to see u guys soon and good luck I am sure u guys will make it .. !
  10. I am still waiting ..looks like they are still reviewing applications .. As no one has a rejection yet ! If anyone has already been rejected please let us know .. The wait is making me nervous
  11. No empowred I did not ! I have been checking every day .. Don't know what is going on .. I think September was too late to apply! Did you apply to any other school ?
  12. Are there any more interviews after 6 dec ? Or should I just let it go after that date ?
  13. Why is everyone silent ? Holidays? What's going on ? Any updates ?
  14. Did everyone receive an "application Recieved email " I applied in September and have not Recieved any email from drexel ! Is this normal ? Did anyone get a straight rejection or an interview call ?
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