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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm living at the Dakotas with my roomate. We're paying about 16 hundred a month that's not including utilities. I can't say my experience here have been amazing, but after what I hear from other classmates, I can't really complain. We have minor roof leaks when it storms, but they've fixed it since then.. still waiting for rain to test it out. :X I hear that living on the second floor is usually better. AC/Heater works amazingly. The apartment is pretty spacious and it's only about 5 minutes from campus so we literally leave 10 minutes before class starts, which is great! Ou
  2. Hey guys, I matriculated into this program last May. We've completed the first summer semester so far, and I am currently in the Fall semester here at Tech. I applied to about 7 other schools, got 4 interviews and ended up in Midland, Texas. Not going to lie, but housing is kinda expensive, water sucks and I don't know where to recycle my glass cans.. but Iooking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. Although the school is segregated from the main campus, being in Midland really helped me concentrate. There are no distractions.. not much to do. There are about 2 starbucks here, and whenever
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