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  1. Thank you so much. A this point I think I've pretty much made up my mind to stick with the one that said yes.it has its bigger perks I think. Plus ill have a little time to spend with family before I move, the other involves those 3 classes and an earlier start. Thank you!
  2. Hey! Anything that you don't like about the program? Also... I posted in the general discussion.. I have a few months left before starting... Trying to decide which class would be most beneficial to take to help to prepare for didactic year... general biology ( I've already taken biology 2 and micro as well as a&p1/2 intro to organic and biochem (have had general chem, basic chem and applied chem which touched organic) an online genetics course. Any advice would be helpful. Besides that wanna spend some time with family before I move away and my life is over. LLol thanks so much!! Angela
  3. Hey guys, I have a question for any current or former PA students. The program that I got accepted to does not require me to take any additional classes, but I would like to spend some of my time waiting taking one class that would benefit or help me the most. My options are a generals biology course (ironic because I have already taken biology 2 and microbiology as well as ap1 and 2) intro to organic and biochemistry (I have taken basic and general chem as well as an applied chem which touched on organic) human heredity and development (a genetic scours online) any advice would be very helpful! I need to decide in about a week because I am currently registered for all three as the other program that I am waiting on a response for required these. Thanks! Angela
  4. Hey everyone! Has anyone been able to find any reviews from previous students of nyit? I just wanna hear some pros and cons of the program here. Thanks!
  5. I have been accepted and just sent my deposit check! A little nervous for the move, many people that I have talked to have never heard of nyit program... Which makes me nervous too! Has anyone found any reviews of the program from previous students? Been all over google looking.
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