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  1. I'm currently a student and I can ensure you that only current students can give you the information that will help you the most. Many applicants came so far and meet us. We tried to help them as much as we could. PA school is a whole different environment than a regular school. This is why I gave you guys this suggestion. We are in Spring break now, so club won't be open. Try after the break.
  2. You guys should come to the PA club and ask current students if you have questions. The club meets on every Thursday in Harris hall room number 206 or 209 from 12.30 to 1.30PM. I wish you guys good luck.
  3. Question to class 2015: I like to use iPad for textbooks, so it is allowed to use iPad during the class for textbooks. From my experience, I know a lot of professor who do not allow iPad usage for textbook. thank you guys for your advice. This helps a lot.
  4. I will be commuting from the Bronx. Only ~ 30 to 40 mins travel time (lucky me).:heheh:
  5. Request has been sent. Congratulation to those who got accepted. Those who did not get accepted, keep working on it and you will make it eventually.
  6. Finally got the e-mail. Congratulation to you too lalaland83. See you at the class.
  7. I received the acceptance call today too. I was told that I will receive an e-mail today which will tell me what to do next, but haven't received it yet. Did you receive the e-mail lalaland83?
  8. Thank you guys for the updates. Please post if have more information.
  9. Did anyone go through the PA interview yet?:heheh: I have a bachelor degree and I applied in November 2012. I did not receive any interview letter or rejection letter yet. Please let me know if you know anything about the interview or if you get accepted.
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