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  1. Congrats to everyone who got an interview. I did not receive an interview, but good luck to everyone else!
  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone good luck! I hope we all get in!
  3. Congrats jlhdw3! I knew you'd get in. I have to retake A&P 1+2 and micro because they are about 10 yrs old. Same with AACC and now they want GRE's :( What other schools did you hear from? Good luck!
  4. I just got an email yesterday, that I won't be offered an interview :( I am so bummed because I was so close to getting an interview. I'll just have to call and see what I can do for next cycle. Good luck to the remaining people still waiting to hear back hope you all get in. They said they will finalize everything by mid-November.
  5. Congrats to everyone who interviewed and recently received their acceptance. I am still waiting to hear, so far nothing yet. I am hoping I will hear something from them soon.
  6. jlhdw3 - Aw that's exciting! Good luck, I'm excited for you. I'm sure I will hear something, in the mean time I will just be patient and continue to learn new things. Let me know how it goes!
  7. Thanks bjb- how long has it been for you? It's been almost 2 months for me. I am hoping we hear from them.
  8. Congrats antran_09! Wow, that's great news! Thanks for updating us on how it went. So what did they ask during the interview and essay? I am still waiting to hear something. I haven't received a supplemental application, but I hope too. Anyone else still in the same position? jlhdw3 - Have you received any e-mails?
  9. Aww you're welcome jlhdw3! Keep us informed. Hopefully we will all get in! :)
  10. D'Maistre- me either, when did you submit your application? They seem to go in order of applicants, depending on when you submitted everything. That's great you heard from 2 other schools- good luck during those processes. I'm sure we will hear from them soon. Yes, fingers crossed!
  11. rcreek: Congrats. Oh great thanks! Did you receive the supplemental application already? It will be a month for me on Friday, as I am still waiting on the interview e-mail. Do they pick out dates for us or we call and arrange a date?
  12. DMaistre - Have you heard anything yet? Laura - Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)
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