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  1. Everything is expensive in Midland book early and try to get close to campus. Anything along loop 250 is good. Fred Sebastian Class 2016 TTUHSC
  2. Would someone please post here when they receive their invite to interview, so that the rest of us will know when Tech begins their rolling interviews? Thanks!!!
  3. I called the program and I was told that interviews could possibly begin the end of September.
  4. I called Tech and they said that if the program is accredited when the student enrolls the student will be able to sit for the boards when they graduate. Also, I was told that the probation is striclty administrative. Tech will be placing an assistant dean on the Midland campus to attend to the admin. requirements and that the previous program director is longer at Tech.
  5. Neema, have you been able to find anything in Midland? I interview Jan. 31 and was wondering what the conditions are like trying to find a place to live.
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