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  1. SSG- U.S. Army-68W 228th CSH-(USAR) FSH, TX 2002-2006 (1 deployment to Mosul) 2-22 IN, 10th Mountain Div Ft. Drum, NY 2006-2009 (active from this point on) ( 1 deployment to Kirkuk 2007-2008) BAMC, FSH, TX 2009-2010 1-84 FA, 170th IBCT, Baumholder, DE 2010-2012 (1 deployment to Afghanistan 2011-2012) AMEDDC&S 68W instructor current since August 2012. Just accepted to IPAP. I start in August 2013 nice to meet you all!
  2. Yes, you are required to submit SAT scores. They will not accept the GRE. Also, the scores must be less than 5 years old. If they are more than that, you will have to re take the test.
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