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  1. Well I graduated in August and all I have found for work in my area (moving isn't an option unfortunately) is a PRN job and the company(TeamHealth) is taking an excruciating aamount of time to find me an SP and an alternate SP to sign off on my Kentucky license. Then they have background cchecks and etc. To do which is projected to take 3 more months. I have 2 children to support and II'm working in a restaurant to pay my bills and need to start working sooner. Indian Health Services as a locums opportunity seems to be a viable and practical option until I can find full time work. I do unders
  2. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately Kentucky does not allow prescribing of schedule drugs so I cannot get a DEA in Kentucky. I will contact them tomorrow and see if there is an alternative
  3. Hello, I have an issue that I need an opinion on. I am a new graduate physician assistant as of August 6th and am currently certified. However, I live in Kentucky and am finding that the state license process is very long and the hiring process is even longer. The hospital says the credentialing process will take 3 months before I can get started and they need to find me a supervising physician and an alternate physician to sign off on me just for my state license. I decided to work locum tenems for the Indian Health Services but I need a state license (from anywhere). I went t
  4. Thanks for everyone's responses. The military is unwilling to help because I am in a Bachelor's program and the Navy specifically requires the MSPAS degree. I am currently looking into upstart so thank you Aiviphung for that information. I recently applied for in state tuition and was denied but wrote an appeal letter. Unfortunately the same gentleman that denied me the in state tuition the first time will be screening the appeals so it does not look so good on that end but I am actively trying! I am very appreciative of everyone's opinions and help in this matter.
  5. I appreciate the feedback! Unfortunately, I have been denied by wells fargo and sallie mae already. Thank you for your response though.
  6. I have recently been accepted into an out of state undergraduate PA program. But, the price is pretty steep and I would like to hear from others as to what I might be able to do. Issues: Out of state tuition is $706 a credit 56 credits will be taken over the course of the next year ($39,536) I currently am taking advantage of the pell grant ($7,600), stafford loan (~$12,000), and have been awarded a scholarship worth $3,000. This leaves me with $16,936 in tuiton alone, no fees are included I have not been awarded any other scholarships that I have applied for online (fastwebs, niche, etc.
  7. Timon, Do you know of a school that might have some premade notecards? I tried my school (Pennsylvania College of Technology) and Duke University School of Medicine and neither had notecards available. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Each answer is backed by multiple sources in the literature called CURRENT Medical Dx & Tx, so I am assuming that this source is bad as well?
  9. Hey fellow PA students, I am starting a program in the fall and I have been trying to prepare myself the best I can for the tremendous work load. I have a pretty relaxed job so during my shift I spend most of my time doing questions on PAeasy, most of which I do not know the answer but I read the explanation and then I read the AccessMedicine online material that comes with it and that provides a tremendous amount of information. My issue is that my HCE did not provide me with a ton of pharmacology interaction and was wondering if there is any recommended reference that I could use to re
  10. I moved 14 hours from Kentucky to Pennsylvania for only an interview in march while taking my final prereqs. My fiance and two daughters came up with me, and I'm 22. I am taking a risk because the program here is worth it to me and my family. So moving far away from home wasn't a problem because it's a small sacrifice for what I want to do for the rest of my working life.
  11. You live on the wrong side of the state. I live in Paducah and PAs flourish here. If you look at the orthopaedic institute if western kentucky you will see that every MD has 1 or 2 PAs. Matter of fact they are hiring 2 more. The urgent care center downstairs is run by a PA exclusively. The hospital in Mayfield is hiring an ER PA and Baptist Health and Lourdes have plenty of providers that need PAs. Your situation sucks and its up to you to do what you want with it. You could easily move across state and find a higher paying job immediately or get in debt and go be a NP.
  12. I dont think this is true... can anyone provide evidence of this? I dont think ACA explicity says anywhere that NPs will now be reimbursed 100%.
  13. I am applying for this scholarship but last year it was not available to PAs. Is anybody in the loop?
  14. A PA I shadowed in GI who did strictly office and consults, no colonoscopies or any other procedure, explained to me his bonus set up. In order to achieve his bonus, he had to match his salary in a 3 month time period and anything he made above that he got a percentage off of it. He didnt tell me what the percentage was outside of "pretty dang good." So basically he recieved 4 bonuses a yeat and said he has gottem a bonus every 3 months for 11 years and he was very happy with his position.
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