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  1. Hey, I just met with the lovely Felicity White over at UNTHSC yesterday. She said the first interview spot is set for around the first of September. Also for note in order to have a chance at that first interview spot you must have a submitted and mailed application to them a month before the interview date. -MH
  2. They start their interviews in late September/October I believe. I am very impressed with their school. The students I talked to were very much in love with their school and professors. Students of other schools I visited were tired worn out and didn't have the same enthusiasm for their school. As Blessn10 said she loved the atmosphere. I too found it infectious. Wish everyone the best this interview cycle! I hope I get in, but I also wish all of you do as well. -Michael
  3. I am just finishing my application and wanted to start a thread for this cycle.
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