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  1. Wow! That's awesome, congrats! I hope I get an email like that!
  2. I got one as well...My email said we are prepared to offer you a seat when one become available...I guess that means wait list?
  3. Do you feel it is more appropriate to call or email? Thank you for your feedback.
  4. I am curious....@ Fat Albert, @ pauls smith.....are you in the program?
  5. I got the same email....I hope you are right FuturePAyjxoa :)
  6. Thank you both for posting your opinions. I will also be there on the 16th ! :)
  7. I think you are right! I look forward to meeting you. Where are you coming from? I am coming from NH. Also, Michelle902....I submitted in May as well and JUST heard. Stay positive! :)
  8. Mal88, I also heard today that I will be attending on the 18th! I am coming from NH. I look forward to meeting you! I am so thrilled :)
  9. ktcan10, I submitted my CASPA on 7/31 and my supplemental on 8/12.
  10. Congrats everyone on interviews....Do you think it is appropriate to call and check on my application status if I haven't heard anything yet? I submitted in May and only got a confirmation that my app was under review.
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