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  1. I am definitely going to talk to my program director and let him know of my incident once I know for sure what will be on my record. Just difficult because the case still could be a diversion which would leave me with nothing on my record. I am going to change my past behaviors and am undergoing intensive 3 day a week therapy. While setting up my own rotations out of state from my school. I am going to talk to each hospital and explain my charge to see if they will accept me. I am we'll aware that my clinical coordinator at my school will still be involved! It would just allow me to do the work the clinical coordinator would have to do knowing my charge. I may get shut down by 10 hospitals before one will even take me for a clinical but I am fully dedicated to becoming a pa and one with integrity. I had serious events in my life that led me to steal as a coping mechanism which I am learning how to deal with in therapy. Sorry if you misunderstood me for someone trying to cheat the system.
  2. Yes, this just occured so I was already accepted and finished one year of my classes. I still will not know until Feb. If I will be charged or if I will get the diversion. I am going to try and set up my own rotations to avoid the school having to do the background check on me. I am just going to have to meet with people at hospitals that are accepting PA students. Do you think every hospital will really turn me down and I will not be able to graduate? My psychologist said that as far as credentially/licensing I will most likely meet with a board and have to show them how I have been rehabiliatated and how motivated I am to be a PA. I am looking for clinicals in Chicago so, hopefully I can find at least one hospital to do all my rotations at.
  3. I am currently in my final year of classes and will go on my clinical rotations in May. I had a mental illness and severe anxiety and depression which led me to steal as a coping mechanism. I was caught and will have a misdeamor of theft on my criminal backround check that my school will run on me before I can start my rotations. I am currently in therapy and plan to make a full recovery to not let this happen again. I am afraid I will not be able to go on my clinical rotations with this now on my background which will also prevent me from graduating the PA program. Does anyone have any expierence or advice for me? I am currently in the pretrial part and may get a diversion but will not know until Feb. which would drop the charges but still be on my record.
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