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  1. I took off the privacy setting I am not sure if you need to be added by one of us but search for group UND PA 2015 and try let me know if you can't join.
  2. Hey there Kytel! Did you ever find us? I am not sure if I made it a private group if so I am sorry I will try and figure out how to change it. Does anyone else who is joining the class have small children?
  3. Ok found you and added you- you are younger so you start it lol!
  4. Should we start a facebook page to "meet" our other class friends?
  5. Also certified mail comes at the same time as "regular" so I wouldn't expect a denial simply because a certified hasn't come yet.
  6. Nothing here as well. The post office did not get their delivery in from Des Moines because of the storm here. Stay positive!
  7. Oh good! YAY thanks for getting the info-hoepfully we will know in the next couple of days-positive thoughts!
  8. my mail has not yet arrived. Has anyone called to find out when they will be notifying us?
  9. pbmartin-I hope we all get in as well. Stay positive, you were awarded an interview so that means that you are qualified. The way I see it- there are only so many slots and priority goes to in state and surrounding so after that we all have just as good a chance as any. I have small children so this is the only program that I have applied to as it's the only program that works for my family. Hopefully we hear something before too long.
  10. You too @ Kytel ! I was hoping we would know by now:( Are you from ND? I am in IA. I understand that preference is given to ND and surrounding states-which does not include IA. We shall see!
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