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  1. Received an interview for 2/9 which I will be declining. This may be helpful. Applied around September, supplemental application received 10/08 Email stating they received my supplemental 10/29. received interview invite on 1/30 for 2/9 interview. they mentioned to me as of now, they have an March interview day but it will be dependent on how many they accept February. Good luck guys.
  2. Thank you guys for your response. I have decided decline the interview. I think fishbum and Johncfl has a point. If I do decide to pursue the DMS, I will do it later on while I’m working. I know some employers have tuition reimbursements.
  3. Hi guys! I was just offered an interview invite for a 36 month program to obtain a master of pa medicine and doctor of medicine. (Lynchburg university) What are your thoughts on doctor of medicine? Is it worth getting?
  4. Hope this helps for some of you, applied 9/10, Sent me an update 1/10, received an interview invite (1/14) which I will not attend. Good Luck
  5. Got an acceptance call today! Interviewed 10/30. Good luck to the rest of you waiting to hear back.
  6. is anyone else having trouble scheduling for an interview? all the dates states it is "full"
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