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  1. I hug and pray with patients. I hugged 2 patients this Friday. I always ask: "May I give you a hug?"
  2. I I wouldn't say our training is better cause it's it's the medical model, I would like to be more in the natural route as well. Our training is better cause we spend more time in studies, we study the body not theory, and west get a lot more clinical experience. I like things about both professions but PA is much more of a solid education.
  3. I seriously am not being rude, I just tell it how it is. I do not BS anything or sugar coat anything (even with my patients), THE TRUTH HURTS. Get over it, improve your GPA and if it were me, take out student loans and go through RN, RRT, EMT-P school. You will NEVER regret doing extra schooling. I am happy to have my past HCE as it helps me almost daily, with all the stress you have as a PA, having the past HCE (high level) makes your daily struggle as a PA that much easier! Good luck!
  4. Well I am giving you my opinion from an experienced PA that has past HCE (RRT). So if you do not want an opinion then don't ask on this forum. We get our opinions from our past experiences. If I was sitting on an ADCOM and saw your file, nothing sticks out to me that would make me put you at the top of the pile. I understand you want to pay out of pocket for your schooling, but sometimes if you need extra classes and/or certifications then you have to take out student loans, that is just how it is. I did it and it sucks, but I got into my one and only school the first time. So for me now working as a PA x 4 years that debt I took out and time I spent getting good grades/busting my ass paid off.
  5. Not enough money or time. I have been an AAPA member since graduating PA school and if they will not make change this year then I am done. Even though it cost me nothing, I will tell my employer that I am saving them money. I am so sick of the AAPA not doing anything! I hope Dave Mitt will do some good for US. I am tired of being the low man on the pole even when our education/training is much more superior than NP training (and my wife is an FNP).
  6. Email and call your local/state legislators as well as support via $$$ your state chapter so they can lobby at the state level. Thank you for wanting to be involved! WE need more PAs like you willing to get involved to help move our profession in the right direction, NOT stuck in the dinosaur age.
  7. The state of my name has to do with my extracurricular activities not being soft or scared/hiding from a simple name change. Looking at legal issues which I guess you are not too worried about. I do not want to represent myself as someone or something else in the clinic, I take that serious. I use "PA" and that is it. I agree we are getting beat out by NPs, but we will see what the next few months look like with the AAPA. I hope we are all spending as much time emailing with our legislators as we do on this forum, I know I do. BTW I don't get your "Francis" joke so it does not work for me, just sounds stupid. We have not had TV for close to a decade and might watch a movie once per year, something we just don't care about nor do.
  8. Both of those take a toll on my wife and I monthly. We just want them paid off as we have several things to fix around the house (such as roof actively leaking and molded), plus need newer cars.
  9. That is great and all, but you learn all about the retina in PA school. The HCE I am speaking of is when you walk into a room, can you tell if that patient is sick or not and have the past HCE such as RN, RRT, Paramedic to assess this patient and know what to do next? That comes with time and being an MA or phlebotomist will not teach you that. Now for the pre-PAs that were SLPs, PTs, ATs, OTs, RDs, etc that is higher level education (degree), but you do not get those critical thinking skills from those positions. I know many people that were PTs, OTs, ATs, etc and GREAT PAs, but their assessment skills were formed over school plus some time in the field. That is why the PA profession was found from army medics as they had those type of skills already. You can teach almost anyone about the anatomy of the eye, but you cannot teach someone in the same time frame if that child is "sick" or not (i.e. has that look, FLK (funny looking kid)).
  10. Either Case Western and apply to PA school or RN and work a few years (3-5 years) and apply to PA school. The latter will help you clinical as a PA. Good luck!
  11. No need to be a dick about everything on here and you are not the ultimate say so when it comes to naming the profession. You can call yourself clinical officer, but that does not what is the legal name that we have. You do what you want to. I am not scared to change the profession, I want a different name, but we do NOT have that changed yet so we still gotta call ourselves "PA" that is why I am sticking to it cause of legal issues. Lastly, you can do a lot with a PA degree if you would investigate that prior to spewing your uneducated views on "jack squat" with a masters degree. Please keep your condescending tone to yourself. We are all professionals and it is very hard to take you serious when you treat everyone like you do when you do not agree with something. I would eat you alive if I were your CP/colleague and you talked to me like you do on here. It is much easier over a forum than in person.
  12. I do they relate medical practitioner to physician assistant? They just might think you are a doctor or NP which does NOT help our profession. I am not a lawyer, but you could be representing yourself in the wrong light and could open a can a worms from using MP instead of PA. You are NOT a MP by profession, as I agree with the name, but again you cannot call yourself by a title that YOU think is correct as that could be illegal (again NOT giving legal advice) just talking out loud. I understand that MP is better, but I would be careful, but seriously how do they know you are a PA? I don't think you are helping us at all unless you said something like, "Hi I am a PA, I am your medical practitioner today, how may I help you?" I think that would be a little safer...and also help OUR profession and not having them confusing us as a MD/DO or NP. Just my 2 cents....I would like to hear from others...
  13. Just cause they "require" it does not mean it is safe nor smart by the MA. You may think you "can" do this job, but if/when you get into PA school and start seeing how much you really do not know then you might regret "treating" all these patients. If I was on a ADCOM that would be my question on why did you not know/questioned/stop doing those task that you might not think you were trained for. That is a huge red flag for myself and that is what PAs are known for, they are known for asking for help when they need it, not just acting like they know what they need to know. We are dependent providers, so if you do not have sense to stop what you are doing now if it truly is doing procedures then I would NOT accept you to a PA program as what in the hell would you do as a PA? You are not qualified to perform a nerve conduction study. Your comment: "It took me 183 applications across 8-10 states to find a medical assistant job that was willing to hire someone without a MA certification or MA experience, so I'm not going to quit. I need this job in order to gain the PCE hours necessary to apply to PA school." Makes me very worried as you are just looking at yourself and getting into PA school. You seem like you are not willing to quit this job for any reason even if it is unsafe for the patients. You need to learn boundaries very quickly or you will find yourself in a law suit one day down the road if this truly is your attitude. If you want real experience then go to become a RN, RRT, EMT-P. All you newer pre-PAs just want into school the quickest, easiest route and I know you will suffer without proper experience in the real world. I just hate when all you pre-PAs say you need HCE and want to do the easiest, quickest, and IMO not real HCE (very low level) which I don't think will really help you as a PA. My RRT experience helps me daily as a PA. If I just moved a xray arm or drew blood, that does not help me when I need to make a decision if this patient is sick or not sick. Good luck and think real hard about your patients as one day you will most likely be a patient as well.
  14. I would never go to this program due to the horrible name. What does a doctorate in PA studies even freaking mean? That is so stupid and I find it embarrassing to our profession. If I saw that degree on a CV I would just laugh and not even consider that type of degree in my hiring.
  15. You count by semesters NOT years....so your program was 7 semesters which is 3 academic years and medical school is 10 semesters.
  16. All PA programs are 3 academic years, just some of the programs drag it out from 27 months to 36 months. Same amount of work.
  17. Overall looks fine. Retake GRE and do well. Did you do FIMRC for your medical mission trip to Peru?
  18. @mooredc You sure they were not signing the states High School Athletic Association paper work?
  19. Wow! How are you ever suppose to remember what you did 3 months ago and close those charts? Good lord. I would scream breach of contract and look it over very well. This is why I would NEVER sign a contract for more than 1 year and then we can re-visit it yearly.
  20. I have had a patient that told me he was cleaning a meth house and that is why he tested positive. He truly did clean up flood, fire, etc type of houses, but really....?
  21. Apparently you do not want to get it or just fighting against it. I will let you be at your own devices and sink or swim, but do not give bad advice such as "Also the constant turnover helps with the job availability." You will learn year after year that "just getting a job" is not the best thing for any level of education and/or experience. The way to change these types of terrible jobs is not to accept their offer and let them know why OR just do not apply there if you know there is a lot of turnover. All you pre-PA students are so quick to get into PA school by 25 that you cannot stand to actually get real HCE (EMT-P, RN, RRT, etc) and put your time in, it will benefit you later in life as well as in your PA career. Nothing wrong with a PCA or phlebotomist (someone has got to do it), but those do not give you the assessment skills and let alone no real skills you will use as a PA. Those jobs are so entry level most anyone can do them with little to no formal education.
  22. Read into what you want to. Get experience at at a better place is all I'm saying. You think you have it figured out then good for you. My comments our based off past experiences. Do what you want, one will live and learn.
  23. I worked as a RT x 5 years while putting myself through undergrad.
  24. What? I never said that one would treat someone with disrespect, I meant if you work for a crappy company then most likely you will hate your job, not be happy and just "do your job" without really putting everything you have into it. You can still be a good care giver, but may not the greatest one. If you work in a bad environment that sets a negative trend in your HCE which is not good.
  25. Doesn't mean you would want to work with those companies if they have constant turnover. That is terrible advise, you have to enjoy your job as well, it is not just a "check the box" thing as you are still dealing with people (someones dad, sister, brother, uncle, etc...).
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