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  1. So, important that one learns this quickly. Baby boomers seem to love the "live to work" and "work to live." At the end of the day you have family and that is it. No on else REALLY cares about me or you. Family is ALL that matters in life. You will have them there to love and support you. People like myself are thankful for people like you that help our profession, but you also suffer in the end when truly it all does not matter. I bet there is not one person out there lying on their death bed wishing they would have spent less time with their family and more time at work....
  2. I hear you, but if we all sit around and do what you are doing then it will become the norm...You do what you want to, but it is not helping our profession by PAs taking jobs or letting admins do this to us. This only happens to providers and not other professions. That is why I will most likely be making a career change in the next 5 - 7 years and will be joining the FAA.
  3. NOOOOO!! That money does not change from 80k to 100k. That is a bonus from the government, do NOT let your employer screw you by giving you a low salary cause you can get loan repayment. I accepted my reward and currently am under "final review" but have told my employer that you cannot just not give me a raise because I got loan repayment. It is in the NHSC policy that myself and my clinic owner had to sign.
  4. Scrubs for me, we do not have meetings (only annual one over the phone), my town of 600 did NOT like when I first worked there and dressed up.
  5. Just went to a conference a few days ago and the bariatric surgeon said he quit using those years ago as his patients were complaining about being able to feel the ball on in the outside and it weighs about 4lbs. Sounds terrible to me.
  6. The land of the free....The USA sucks now and I strongly think daily about moving out of this sh*t hole of a country. It is not just one administration, it is all of them. That is why I am a political atheist.
  7. Oh my! This is not even worth discussing. There are so many negatives in this contract that means they do not care about you, they just want you to make them serious money. I would tell them this is the worst offer you have ever seen. Scary how terrible this is.
  8. I have had some veterans with 10-12 complaints....those took hours and hours...
  9. More salary, 94K starting out and 20% of collections after your 250K is made, plus they need to be paying at least 80% of your medical insurance (I get mine paid for 100% and I work for a very small company, ~40 people in the entire system), more vacation/time off. Paid for tail insurance when you leave.
  10. Lot's of time, chart review, examining. Most of the job is more chart review, I have done these on a PRN basis x 2 years now. There is not way you can do one of these in any setting without taking work home. This is NOT for UC, these exams take on average 1 hour, sometimes up to 3 hours to complete. Plus you will ALWAYS take work home and/or will be reviewing test that were ordered on behave of the veteran. Most of the time the test are already set up or in process so you will get ECHOs, sleep studies, PFTs, ABIs, etc back in a few days to 2 weeks after there office visit for you to input the
  11. No but that is how life it, but they do live in a high COL.
  12. Nothing he states would point me to a prodromal S/S. ROS negative except fatigue (does have newly diagnoses of hypogonadism). Has lots of stress per his report. I did not know that about random seizure incidence in a lifetime, Thank you!
  13. Agree, but don't....you have more solid/objective evidence you show them then statistics.... I like my farmers to not eat just fried frog legs and catfish...I have helped a lot of people out around here with their diet by showing then proof NOT just risk stratifying numbers....
  14. AED for 2 episodes in his entire life time, 15 months apart? Please help me understand your thought process? Are there guidelines for this. Thank you for the sleep deprived EEG recommendation, I did not have that on my list, will add!
  15. Yes, lipid are not affected, but TRGs are. There is several research articles out there stating the same, and I can tell you that it is true as I did fasting vs non fasting BW on myself just a few weeks ago. TC, HDL, LDL were withing a few points, TRGs were up about 50 points.
  16. What can anyone tell me about their experiences with THAD? I have a mid 40's male with 2 events of unexplained syncope (over the last 1 1/2 years), has been seen at ER both times, negative workup including brain mri, echo, ekg, CTA PE, AAA and Carotid U/S, lab work WNL except borderline hyperlipidemia, pharmacogenetic testing pending. Both syncope episodes at night (fixing to get ready for bed or was already in bed), wife states he was posturing, growling, and did not know what happen after the 2 minute event, no seizure activity. He is a non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs, etc. Very healthy, c
  17. Some what...you still got to show them you can handle the rigors of PA, you cannot keep repeating classes in PA, not enough time. Just be careful and really make your application SHINE from the previous year, NOT just subtle changes here and there.
  18. Sure. It won't hurt, the worst they can say is "No", but the more times you apply and get denied then you will have to look at other schools around the country, NOT a big deal, but just food for thought.
  19. Hey I get it...I was an RRT for years and understand the importance, but good grades is a MUST (A's for repeat courses). I would suggest the repeat of patho as well. Calculus I might not retake (I took calc 1) so I understand how terrible it is, but the ADCOM did like that I had A's in college algebra, biostats, and calc 1. So that is up to you. I would also retake organic chem as if you get an A in that then I think you would be look much better. That class (IMO) holds a lot of weight and ADCOM loved that I had biochem and org 1/2. This just sets you apart from others. Good luck and let us kn
  20. EMT course might not be needed, I would trying to improve your grades. Shadowing hours are fine. What grades did you get in gen chem 1/2, stats, and biochem?
  21. Why it your goal to go to a top program? Is there a certain reason? If it is a residency then you will still be fine with a good GPA and good PANCE score.
  22. I want that job ? summers only and work from 9 am - 2 pm and leave!
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