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  1. There is very limited info on this forum about "health coaching". I am speaking about advising clients on diet, lifestyle modifications, disease processes, workouts, motivation and accountability. There would be not prescribing of medications or diagnostic testing. Legally could/should one use PA-C as a selling point? Could one recommend supplements without a collaborating physician? There would be not weaning of current medications etc, that would be referred back to their PCP. What other legal aspect could one see about helping others achieve maximum performance and happiness.
  2. I doubt she (wanting to be a doula) wants to work for or with planned parenthood type organizations....doulas want to bring life into this world not the other way around. But I do understand what you mean, just that PP is not the best example in this case!
  3. I work in one of the nations largest Catholic institutions and they did not do plan B or abortions in any of the hundreds of clinics or the 25+ hospitals.... if you don't like the way they practice their medicine then don't go there...same way as going to Lowes or Home Depot or Starbucks etc....if you don't like their view points/practices then you are in a free country and you can go else where...
  4. Where is that line drawn for any line of work? So, I cannot be a Christian with view points that don't align with yours so I should not pursue my dream job/career due to that!? Wow! Listen to how crazy that sounds. So, please tell me the line that you draw for any career field. I have endless examples of different scenarios that just sound crazy when you say them out loud. Please tell me you are not serious....
  5. That literally is the same old saying everyone uses which is not even a true story...That is just a made up tale. Give a real example or quit insulting Christians. We are not as dumb as you think....we just have different beliefs.
  6. So it is "ok" to step on providers that have a religious belief on a topic but it is not ok to step on peoples beliefs to literally in other reason such as transgender, gay, etc. BTW there is zero proof that the world has been her for millions of years.....I like how you just think it is ok to make comments such as, "Dinosaurs were real and they lived a hell of a lot longer than a few thousand years ago."
  7. Then how can you be open, ethical, honest to your patients when you are "suppose" to care for the patient. What happens if another PA disagrees with processed foods a patient/kid is eating, kids drinking sodas, watching TV/phone at a young age, having guns in the home, etc. Seems like you have picked your side and not even going to listen/have empathy for the patient on a discussion topic that you might not agree on. How about transgender children? How about pierced ears at a young age? I mean what topics will you as a PA address and not address. That seems very unfair to the art of medicine a
  8. Your current job is terrible. I have the same experience as you working in a FQHC in middle of no-where in a crappy PA state with one of the lowest pays rates in the country and I make $100K per year plus about $5K bonus per year. My call is ~ 4 weeks of call per year (scattered t/o the year) and I see about 12 ppd. I counter at $105K base, get more vacation (4 weeks), and more CME $. I would NOT sign the non-compete. The bonus should be very attainable. Do you not get your numbers (revenue etc) monthly? I can gross $550,000-600,000 per year with a take home of $400,000 per year and that
  9. Previous generations (most of them) did not go to college nor a very intense Masters program. I agree about the burnout, but like my parents they did not go to college or a shorter form of college. This generation is going to college for everything now and you must have a minimum of a bachelors degree to even get a interview plus the student loan crisis causes more depression, anxiety = burn out because how can you put food on the table, etc when I just went to school for 6-7 years, work my butt off in rotations and did everything we do in PA school, but I cannot even pay rent....? that is th
  10. 5% is a joke, offer 25% after 1 year then 30% year 2 then 35% year 3 then 40% (max) year 4 and on. Physicians get 50% of collections after twice their salary. So ask for 2 times your salary NOT 3 times your salary. Everything else is fine. Pick Derm!
  11. You work around the Boston area, that is why you make $72/hr....the OPs salary and job is not bad. I would take it!
  12. associate verb Save Word To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In as·so·ci·ate | \ ə-ˈsō-shē-ˌāt , -sē- \ associated; associating Definition of associate (Entry 1 of 3) transitive verb 1: to join as a partner, friend, or companionThey were closely associated with each other during the war. 2: to join or connect together : COMBINEparticles of gold associated with heavy minerals 3: to brin
  13. I think you are wrong on this. They are working for a corporation. It is not worth the fight with you since your mind is made up, but I don't see how anyone would look at this in that light. Good try though.
  14. There are several religious hospital groups that don't allow OCP or abortions, is this wrong? How about all the hospital groups not prescribing medical marijuana or the pain management group within the 2 main hospitals that won't do fentanyl or PCPs (such as the group I work with) not Rx schedule II medications. I mean what is your point? We make decisions on everything but not everyone agrees with it. This is life and this is America, we do have a choice on what we stand for. If you don't agree with the care or insurance then go somewhere else or buy different insurance.
  15. That is fine and I understand that. It doesn't bother me for people to piss their money away on insurance. It is a system that is broken, un-affordable and does not work nor benefits the person that has the insurance. Why do you think all these insurance companies are so rich? There are a lot of people out there that will pay $400 a month for health insurance with a $5,000 deductible when they could open a HSA or just save the money to the side and pay cash for doctor visits and medications if needed. Lifestyle and exercise is the big prevention in NOT needing health care insurance.
  16. I have no idea, I did not research every insurance company out there to see if you qualify or not. Just offering friendly advice.
  17. And why are you paying this? What are you getting from this? Check out Samaritan, Christian Care Ministries or Medi-share.
  18. You do not need a reason! Just shoot for the stars!
  19. Offer 115K per year and 15% for night diff. See what you get....
  20. Yes, but dropping assistant will advance our career and how the public view PAs. I agree, but you also have to look at the glass have full as well. They are trying to move our profession in the right direction (for now).
  21. I agree 100%! Only about 10% of PAs are in my state chapter and it makes me sick. It is less than $150 to join. Give me a freaking break. I spend more on starbucks in 2 months. I do not understand, but I am trying to get other PAs to join. Hopefully they will follow suit.
  22. Oh we are all fine. We can sit back and just relax as we have for 50 years and get ran over by NPs. Remember we are looking into changing our name and are slowly talking about OTP. We are just fine....:) I agree we are going to get screwed over again and again. We are losing jobs to NPs in most states and look at the AAPA about this. I was just at a talk that was put on by the AAPA that stated we are losing jobs to NPs. It is time to stand up and move mountains are WE (PAs) will not be around in 15+ years (and if we are we will be glorified MAs). This makes me sick as well and I hope we c
  23. Of course! I did this at a FQHC and got $5K more a year and $5K more on my bonus. The initial offer was $15K more per year than my previous salary so I was shooting for the stars! They came back and offered me a little more money cause they really wanted me. Win Win for both parties.
  24. I just got my site approval change last week. It only took 9 days from start to finish to get the approval. Very easy process and not what @Cideous has stated. the application process for the NHSC was not that bad. The worst part was putting all my loans in manually as the federal sites were not working last year when I tried to upload my loans via the federal.gov website. Everything else was painless. I am glad to hear people like @Cideous think it is hard as that makes my chances higher and I will hopefully be getting my 3rd year loan repayment next July! The $50,000 tax-free was the biggest
  25. I am currently leaving my practice and my last day is 1st week of August. I work for a slave mill of seeing patients and he wants at least 26 ppd. I have been here 4 years and I refuse to see that many. The only way that worked here prior is because the clinic had several hundred people on schedule II medications and you would walk in hand them a script and walk out the door. They just lined out the door for their script. Now that I have < 40 people on schedule II compared to > 300 I have a great mix of peds to adults. I see on average 18-19 PPD which is crazy busy. We also PAPER chart w
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