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  1. But the medical community throws fits when we have low level evidence on nontraditional treatments or experts that are not MDs or DOs or PhDs. But it's ok now? I dont have time to tell you I understand venturi and other gas laws. Do you have proof that there is not CO2 retention? I get symptoms of forgetfulness, headaches, dizzy when wearing a mask too long. How about evidence that there is 20.9% O2 in the mask at all times? No we don't have evidence on the mask as you were saying, how about the elderly or children wearing mask? Your evidence is based off a few people that you wear a mask aro
  2. Dont know the risk. Need EBM like we are trained to think about. Also the deaths rates are declining since May and there is not enough evidence yet to prove which mask are helpful and which mask are safe to wear long term.
  3. Not moving goal post no reason for me to. You just want to wish and think I am. There is no evidence on the masking that's what I am saying! Everyone wants us to wear them but there is no EBM. Do you not get that. That's my entire point plus the death rate has been declining but the numbers are soaring oh lordy. No duh cause we are testing more people....p100 are easier to breathe through as they have more valves....simple. so getting a vaccine (and no I am not against a vaccine or vaccines) will magically stop one from being able to carry the virus? So one wont be able to spread the virus bei
  4. Then you better wear a mask 24/7 7 days a week for the rest of you and your families lives as viruses will be around forever. Dont be a a$$hat and take that mask off ever! Bring on the politics buddy as this is not what this is about. How am I ignoring science when you know that mask does not filter the virus. False sense of hope man. Use your immune system. I care about others and if they are sick or on chemo then they should wear a mask. I wash my hands and cover my cough like any adult should do. I social distance.
  5. Come on man. Please quit being so hostile. It would be very hard to work by you daily if you are truly how you interact with people. P100 are much different and breathable as they are used in construction daily. I am not talking about those. I can breathe via my P100 much easier than my level 1, 2 or 3 facemask. That's what everyone is wearing and there is zero research for that. 6 months is a while so I wonder why there was no masking? Was that 6 months not important and this 6 months is? Maybe election year? If you treat me like an a$$ again we are done with this conversation. Please be resp
  6. No we did not. And the vaccine does not confer a 100% immunity and not everyone can take it or will take it. That is the issue. Show me proof that we had a vaccine so quickly during H1N1.
  7. Oh I had excellent rotations in one the largest trauma center in my entire state! Meningitis is not what I am talking about, I am talking about chemo patients or very old people. Have never seen a provider just put a mask on for one of these patients. It is always the person that is sick or old that is worried about getting sick that wears one. I don't wear a mask in public for numerous reasons but we don't know the long term effects of wearing a properly fitting mask for hours and hours. Surgical mask you can breathe nicely, but if I am wearing a mask I am wearing a tight fitting N-95.
  8. Oh I am sure it does help some, there is no proof but common sense tells us that. But it also confers to people that they get very relaxed on hand hygiene or social distancing. I think it gives people a HUGE false sense of hope/comfort that should not be there. Also, we do not know the side effects of younger people wearing mask for long times as well as adults (tight fitting mask or cloth). There has to be CO2 retention (there was some videos online that were proving this, but we do need controlled studies on this as well) and/or hypoxic states. I am truly glad we can have a professional disc
  9. @RealityCheck @TWR @greenmood Why do you dislike my post? You don't like the fact that cases are increasing but deaths are in a decline since May? I truly don't understand why anyone would dislike this....do you want more deaths? Help me understand your logic.
  10. I just think people slammed me for posting the facts about mask (from our training and from the manufacturer) but they still give me a thumbs down and try to discredit me by giving what they already knew but are just falling what the masses are telling them to do. Also, we are so proud of following EBM but we don't follow it or care about it when now? How about H1N1 2009 pandemic? Did we have mandatory masking? NO! I just think it is funny people follow around with their heads cut off but don't actually look at their facts, knowledge, background, etc. The mask is a false sense of security, mos
  11. Advice from doctors personal interviews that were posted on FB or Youtube does not discredit them. There is a INCREASE in cases and a decrease in deaths. The masking started several weeks ago or even longer so why the increase if the mask are so effective? Not talking about treatment by any means. I interpret the data fine, I am just stating there is no EBM on masking and you all should know that surgical mask to not stop Covid or TB etc. There are doctors on news channels stating the same thing. But you will want to hear what you only want to hear. It saddens me that a lot of health care prov
  12. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ Scroll about half way down to the New Cases of Covid graph and New Daily Deaths Covid graph. Interesting that most people haven't seen this online or on TV per our last discussion on here about making. I was attacked by several people, PAs making false claims about masks, deaths, quoting the Lancet (was recently found guilty and retracted a article on hydroxychloroquine). Not looking at all sides as it is being reported that Covid deaths are attributed to any comorbidity. Look up the Illinois State Medical Director speaking about this
  13. Ok...act professional. I am one of the rural, country folks and that stupid mask will not save you, wear a respirator around 24/7 then we can talk plus eye protection and gloves and gown....wear the same thing you would wear around anyone with Covid... yes my rights were fought for and not I am not being told I must wear a mask. Whats next? What I should eat, listen to, who I should worship, what day I should worship....
  14. We have had virus kill 10,000's of thousands per year per the CDC (it is called the flu). Sorry, but my rights and liberates are not on hold, if you think your face mask is going to protect you then wear it. Is this another herd immunity theory? Come on, you should no better that these mask are not protecting us from the virus. Would you wear any of these mask (non-respirators) into a room with a patient with possible Covid or TB (air borne diseases)? This is not our best defense and there is no EBM to even back your claims on this....if you can smell anything through that mask you are w
  15. Those pro-life protesters are usually very violent church-goers....better watch out for them. At least you can get your CCW now in the state of New York. Good luck!
  16. It explores the disease that needs a pill or intervention. Doesn't explore other aspects such as nutrition (we got so much of that in PA school), whole body approach, "alternative" therapies that aren't lead by the pharma industry. I was never told even once about prevention on HTN, just how to lower it and other risk factors. These are just simple things that are missed. As well as the body is put into different "boxes" which is totally not true. We have different specialties for everything. You don't think your diabetes is affecting your joints or your gut is affecting your depression? This
  17. I agree! Quality of life is much more important than quantity (in my personal opinion). I would rather live 5 good years then 10 bad years.
  18. Please don't be a little Sh*t stirrer. You can see I said " Don't know your entire story". I think it would be rude to ask him about his medical history over the computer, that is why I did not (so that doesn't mean I was not listening to him, just trying to be respectful). Giving someone more options (NOT opinion) to better health is a bad thing? I think you might have your medical practice backwards if that is condescending... we are here to first do no harm and make people better in health...a opinion would be telling him that if he ate clean, and meditated 12 times a day he would not have
  19. Sorry for your diagnosis of MM, I hope you are doing well. Also, sorry you misinterpreted my words, I understand it is hard to get a true context of one’s words from a quick comment. I made a comment on general functional health NOT on treatment or “a diagnosis online”. That is where you might be taking the wrong way. Everyone should be taking a functional approach to their health: a clean diet (organic, local, minimally processed, etc), cut out or change as many exposures to chemicals as you can from your daily life (from dryer sheets to candles to soaps to air purifier, etc), look at genetic
  20. I agree. That is why I see Functional Medicine as solving these problems, not just maintaining a disease. History and time is very important to eliminating a disease. "Crazy people have issues too."
  21. Don't know your entire story and frankly sounds like you would never allow "alternative medicine" to help you since there is "no proof" of it. Living in a state of uremia is from a cluster of symptoms, we just put a fancy name to it (a diagnosis) but not is the root cause(s). Root causes and basic functional approaches was all I was talking about, not treating symptoms and trying to optimize, not normalize your body (i.e. a Vit D level 40 is normal, but not optimal to most peoples health). I didn't even mention about genetic testing, SNPs, etc. but sounds like we will get no where with this di
  22. Great read! I hope you keep seeking answers. Never give up. I agree that if the doctors and other providers don't have a name for a "symptom or symptoms" then they deem it not real which is such a ignorant thing anyone could do. One should learn from past history and not keep repeating it by this manner. I would encourage you to look into further testing such as food sensitivities (we do eat all day ever day; leaky gut/leaky brain/leaky liver), heavy metals, mold, infectious/stool (CMV, EBV, tick borne, parasites, bacteria), dental (amalgam, cavitations from root canals or improper pulled teet
  23. Try Functional Medicine, look into the root cause of the issue, not trying to figure out a diagnosis from a cluster of symptoms....
  24. Yes they have been doing this in dentistry for a while now. Too bad the MDs and DOs pushed them out of "medicine" in the 1930s. WE could learn a lot from biological dentistry. PRF and PRP was used a lot. With a tooth extraction (after destruction of the periodontal ligament) they use low level laser to the area, do not use vasoconstrictiors (so you get blood to the area so one can heal), use ozone (liquid) in the socket and then put PRF/PRP in the socket then put on suture in to hold it tight x 5-7 days. I have several (yes several!) root canals extracted 6 months ago or so and healed up withi
  25. "And researchers say, even if you were certain you had antibodies to the coronavirus, it's still unknown if that protects you from getting sick again." Could we not assume that one would be protected...? IgG should not change from flu to MMR, etc...I agree with the crappy test out there. We are solicited weekly for these at the clinic.
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