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  1. "I am very sensitive to all medications and you are giving me too much thyroid (TSH 4)." This right here is the reason I am so busy in my practice. Providers do NOT listen to their patients. This is your typical cookbook medicine. If your TSH is 4 you are "normal", give me a break...I can tell you that I personally have several things medically wrong with me that Western medicine could never touch for 3 years. After I went to the right person that actually listened and did not blow me off (like the above quote) I started getting better. Normal values are very broad and the range of
  2. I don't see a link between a high abusive and deadly drug (oxy) to a dog that makes someone feel good...to each their own, but these topics come into play all the time. Where I gave a example above about the morning after pill, some hospital (religious) do not do that or some providers as well. I have heard arguments that they should be mandated etc. but how is this not a "service" as well. A 15 year old can demand a EC pill and get it, why cannot a 55 year old with PTSD "demand" a service animal?
  3. So where is that line drawn? What if I turned away someone that I thought was not mentally fit to take the morning after pill? I am TRULY not stirring s**t, but trying to understand why you would deny some and right out ban something that may help ones trauma/PTSD/anxiety/agoraphobia, etc. I think a referral to psych. is the least you could do, not just ban them as you think or believe in their mental health to even discuss a service animal (and yes a ESA is providing a service to that patient). I hope we can have a open and honest discussion on this topic so we can all learn from each other.
  4. You can have your opinion but I can see that you have not truly done your research on this cost sharing "insurance", you don't know what you don't know. I ain't here to argue with you, just tell you facts, and stories from our family and others. It works, that is just the fact.
  5. I agree about the crisis management but the irresponsibility is not all the patients fault. Like I said before, our food system is broke and making us sicker and sicker. We fix the food, we fix the people. That is not all that is wrong but is a huge factor as we eat every day, multiple times a day.
  6. You have not done your research and have "just heard things" from others that are not true. It is great coverage and I could talk your head off about our family and others that have had $20,000 (our family) to $100,000+ and it was ALL covered as described in the contract. I have had two different of faith based insurance companies and never once was told they would pray over the bill and see if it is paid. Please don't come here and spout information that you clearly have no idea about. I have had this insurance for 10 years. The thing you are missing @iconic is how often do you use your
  7. What company are you using? Family of 5, $300/month, $300,000 max per incident, $1,500 house hold portion per incident, 90%/10% with max of $13,500 out of pocket. I ask providers and others all the time, "What are you getting from you insurance" and they say nothing, so I ask them why are they paying all that money per month? There are lots of better options, sit down, do the math on how much you would save per year and pay cash for 99% of things and have a higher deductible plan or faith based plan and save the rest in a HSA/savings account etc.
  8. I know a lot about Covid and the statistics do no lie. The majority of deaths are in very unhealthy and >65 yr olds. There have been numerous doctors saying 10 different things, look at the front line doctors, they get black listed and people call them crazy etc. Just as I am doing here, if I do not go with the main stream medical world you all are loosing your minds. How about being healthy? NOT being diabetic (type 2) or overweight or smoke/drink, etc. How about running, eating clean organic food, meditate, de-stress, take vitamins, etc. There's much more to this than what you are all say
  9. Our 2 hour lecture on vaccines was a pediatrician telling us the vaccine schedule....never studies mRNA vaccines in PA school. We studied mRNA and genetics. Not sure where you went to school that studied these newer types of vaccines...???
  10. Sounds like getting Covid would have been easier and less painful for you? How do you know you are not contagious with the virus? This is something that scares me about these mRNA vaccines. Not enough research, but I guess we all have to start somewhere! I hope you are feeling better!
  11. You can set expectations all you want with patients but when they own you they own you. It is called Concierge Primary Care for a reason. I have recently spoken with a few physicians that use to own and/or work for a Concierge practice and they said it was a nightmare. Just a N = 3, but have read others say the same thing.
  12. Not a fan of DPC (concierge). They own you as they already paid you so you are at their beckon call 24/7. Lots of various reasons above that add to my point.
  13. but if we educate on why we are a better trained and legally safer (IMO) clinician then that would get gears running. I do not have any evidence on legal issues and lawsuits between NPs and PAs, I am strictly speaking of training. That also looks bad on PAs as we think we are better, blah blah blah. So basically we need a name change and a very strong support from AAPA and NCCPA to advance this profession.
  14. Thank you for the information. Nice read. I agree there are different opinions and my only question is if these lock downs we had this year already have not stopped the curve of this then why would another one help?
  15. I agree with the 95% number and that is truly what I am seeing, but again that is just me walking around the mall or store. I am not there at different times, I could miss someone not wearing a mask, etc. There was a chart out there (which I cannot find) that showed different periods of lock downs and the spike of covid after we got done with a month long lock down. Not sure if that is the way to go. I am of the thought about not trying to kill this "bug" but have a healthy immune system to be able to fight it. Now that will take several years to achieve and getting people to reverse their DMI
  16. The CDC director says wearing mask could reduce the spread of Covid in 4-8 weeks. So in cities with mandatory masking why is the spread increasing? I have seen this in several major cities in my state? I have went through these areas and rarely see anyone not wearing a mask. So what is the point of the vaccine if you get it then you still have to wear a mask? I have had this argument for over a decade now. That if one is vaccinated against a certain illness that does not mean you cannot spread it. Now you all are saying that you can still spread it. So we wear a mask until everyone gets
  17. Truthfulness is rude? Helping you about is rude? Because you might not like what I saw but this is the best path to succeed as a PA. I have seen several PAs that didnt have prior high level HCE and they struggled for a year or more to get their feet wet and a new PA. I am not changing my tune to make you feel better. Most experienced PAs will agree with my statement. If you think this comment was rude then you probably wont make it as a PA. Good luck.
  18. I think he was making a comment about this as it does prove that masking and social distancing works (to a point) but also if we never get around other we won't have a healthy, robust immune system cause it never gets "used." There is a healthy balance of the two (being exposed to viruses etc and protecting us from deadly viruses as a whole). For Covid most people < 70 will be fine compared to most other viruses. I agree with NOT hurting out economy, children's schooling, socializing, mental health etc, but we must maintain open and we can do that in a smart safe manner.
  19. Hopefully the flu deaths remain low. I am not sure if providers are doing flu and covid swabbing. I know at our clinics most providers do a covid swab and not a flu as most people do not want to swabs up their nose.
  20. Can I get some opinions on Athena EHR and what you like and dislike. I might be switching to this soon. How does coding/billing work etc? I heard they take a % and they bill for you etc?
  21. Why are you calling out republicans? So me evidence of this...I work with a democrat that has a Biden sticker on her vehicle that is a anti-masker... Also Chris Christie is a obese comorbid person...shocker he had issues with Covid. Maybe if we focused on HEALTH in this country we wouldn't suffer so much from these terrible illness. Support your immune system and snack cakes/coke do not count...
  22. Just like the LANCET....very credible. You cannot out one source but say others are invalid. Just cause it is medical news does not mean physician experts don't review them. Do you believe anything that a physician talks about or comments on for a certain news station? I like to know where your line is?
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