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  1. 5% is a joke, offer 25% after 1 year then 30% year 2 then 35% year 3 then 40% (max) year 4 and on. Physicians get 50% of collections after twice their salary. So ask for 2 times your salary NOT 3 times your salary. Everything else is fine. Pick Derm!
  2. You work around the Boston area, that is why you make $72/hr....the OPs salary and job is not bad. I would take it!
  3. associate verb Save Word To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In as·so·ci·ate | \ ə-ˈsō-shē-ˌāt , -sē- \ associated; associating Definition of associate (Entry 1 of 3) transitive verb 1: to join as a partner, friend, or companionThey were closely associated with each other during the war. 2: to join or connect together : COMBINEparticles of gold associated with heavy minerals 3: to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or imagination)She will always associate that place with her youth. Transitive verbs are action verbs that have a direct object. Action verbs describe physical or mental actions that people or objects do (write, dance, jump, think, feel, play, eat).
  4. I think you are wrong on this. They are working for a corporation. It is not worth the fight with you since your mind is made up, but I don't see how anyone would look at this in that light. Good try though.
  5. There are several religious hospital groups that don't allow OCP or abortions, is this wrong? How about all the hospital groups not prescribing medical marijuana or the pain management group within the 2 main hospitals that won't do fentanyl or PCPs (such as the group I work with) not Rx schedule II medications. I mean what is your point? We make decisions on everything but not everyone agrees with it. This is life and this is America, we do have a choice on what we stand for. If you don't agree with the care or insurance then go somewhere else or buy different insurance.
  6. That is fine and I understand that. It doesn't bother me for people to piss their money away on insurance. It is a system that is broken, un-affordable and does not work nor benefits the person that has the insurance. Why do you think all these insurance companies are so rich? There are a lot of people out there that will pay $400 a month for health insurance with a $5,000 deductible when they could open a HSA or just save the money to the side and pay cash for doctor visits and medications if needed. Lifestyle and exercise is the big prevention in NOT needing health care insurance.
  7. I have no idea, I did not research every insurance company out there to see if you qualify or not. Just offering friendly advice.
  8. And why are you paying this? What are you getting from this? Check out Samaritan, Christian Care Ministries or Medi-share.
  9. You do not need a reason! Just shoot for the stars!
  10. Offer 115K per year and 15% for night diff. See what you get....
  11. Yes, but dropping assistant will advance our career and how the public view PAs. I agree, but you also have to look at the glass have full as well. They are trying to move our profession in the right direction (for now).
  12. I agree 100%! Only about 10% of PAs are in my state chapter and it makes me sick. It is less than $150 to join. Give me a freaking break. I spend more on starbucks in 2 months. I do not understand, but I am trying to get other PAs to join. Hopefully they will follow suit.
  13. Oh we are all fine. We can sit back and just relax as we have for 50 years and get ran over by NPs. Remember we are looking into changing our name and are slowly talking about OTP. We are just fine....:) I agree we are going to get screwed over again and again. We are losing jobs to NPs in most states and look at the AAPA about this. I was just at a talk that was put on by the AAPA that stated we are losing jobs to NPs. It is time to stand up and move mountains are WE (PAs) will not be around in 15+ years (and if we are we will be glorified MAs). This makes me sick as well and I hope we can have more PAs join their STATE chapters to support change!
  14. Of course! I did this at a FQHC and got $5K more a year and $5K more on my bonus. The initial offer was $15K more per year than my previous salary so I was shooting for the stars! They came back and offered me a little more money cause they really wanted me. Win Win for both parties.
  15. I just got my site approval change last week. It only took 9 days from start to finish to get the approval. Very easy process and not what @Cideous has stated. the application process for the NHSC was not that bad. The worst part was putting all my loans in manually as the federal sites were not working last year when I tried to upload my loans via the federal.gov website. Everything else was painless. I am glad to hear people like @Cideous think it is hard as that makes my chances higher and I will hopefully be getting my 3rd year loan repayment next July! The $50,000 tax-free was the biggest blessing and has changed my life.
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