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  1. You do not need a reason! Just shoot for the stars!
  2. Offer 115K per year and 15% for night diff. See what you get....
  3. Yes, but dropping assistant will advance our career and how the public view PAs. I agree, but you also have to look at the glass have full as well. They are trying to move our profession in the right direction (for now).
  4. I agree 100%! Only about 10% of PAs are in my state chapter and it makes me sick. It is less than $150 to join. Give me a freaking break. I spend more on starbucks in 2 months. I do not understand, but I am trying to get other PAs to join. Hopefully they will follow suit.
  5. Oh we are all fine. We can sit back and just relax as we have for 50 years and get ran over by NPs. Remember we are looking into changing our name and are slowly talking about OTP. We are just fine....:) I agree we are going to get screwed over again and again. We are losing jobs to NPs in most states and look at the AAPA about this. I was just at a talk that was put on by the AAPA that stated we are losing jobs to NPs. It is time to stand up and move mountains are WE (PAs) will not be around in 15+ years (and if we are we will be glorified MAs). This makes me sick as well and I hope we can have more PAs join their STATE chapters to support change!
  6. Of course! I did this at a FQHC and got $5K more a year and $5K more on my bonus. The initial offer was $15K more per year than my previous salary so I was shooting for the stars! They came back and offered me a little more money cause they really wanted me. Win Win for both parties.
  7. I just got my site approval change last week. It only took 9 days from start to finish to get the approval. Very easy process and not what @Cideous has stated. the application process for the NHSC was not that bad. The worst part was putting all my loans in manually as the federal sites were not working last year when I tried to upload my loans via the federal.gov website. Everything else was painless. I am glad to hear people like @Cideous think it is hard as that makes my chances higher and I will hopefully be getting my 3rd year loan repayment next July! The $50,000 tax-free was the biggest blessing and has changed my life.
  8. I am currently leaving my practice and my last day is 1st week of August. I work for a slave mill of seeing patients and he wants at least 26 ppd. I have been here 4 years and I refuse to see that many. The only way that worked here prior is because the clinic had several hundred people on schedule II medications and you would walk in hand them a script and walk out the door. They just lined out the door for their script. Now that I have < 40 people on schedule II compared to > 300 I have a great mix of peds to adults. I see on average 18-19 PPD which is crazy busy. We also PAPER chart which is very easy (yes we are a certified rural health clinic) and we get paid 60 cents on the dollar for visits and I still gross just over $400K per year (I bill out >$600K per year), but I do a decent amount of procedures. I wish you luck on not missing something in the peds population when you have 5 minutes to see that patient. How do you get all your paperwork, charting, reviewing, labs, referrals, phone calls, refills, imaging, etc when you are seeing that many patients per day?
  9. Wow!!! You are insane for seeing that many a day. How can you give good quality of care every 7 minutes or less? Plus if you are truly seeing that many people you should be rolling in the money.
  10. You are making it harder on other providers to say no to people like this. Then they give us a bad "score" or complain about it. Not fair to all of use that work full time/PRN at urgent cares. Please stop doing stuff like this, urgent care is for "urgent care" as you know long standing radicular pain does not count.
  11. I would not take this due to the fact that your commute is very long, you have a young family and your parents are living with you. There are a lot of things in you life. I would get a job a lot closer to your house and I would NEVER sign a 3 year contract. You never know what will happen next year.
  12. Just Dx a guy with CLL (I work family medicine) and his WBC was 112K and my jaw dropped when I got his labs back. Did not expect that on routine blood work. I have had a lot of cancer lately, CML/CLL/MM/Renal cell carcinoma x 2 (same week for the renal cell). I will say this, I have started buying bottle water....unsure of the water around here
  13. I agree about concealing it, but this person could have shadow someone different and 50 hrs is fine, but got sit through some surgeries then have him hook you up to shadow someone else. There is not excuse for him not being able to shadow someone else and having them write him a letter.
  14. No it is NOT. It states that no family, ever. I would NEVER get a LOR from anyone close to my family.
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