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  1. I've learned two important things today from this thread. One, boatswain is not a midget. Two, there is nothing wrong with being a midget. [/ENDTHREAD]
  2. Many medical schools require that you shadow a PA for 50 hours? That is very odd.
  3. Take the MCAT. It's fun. By far, the best standardized test I've ever taken. If it weren't so expensive I would have taken it again just for entertainment.
  4. Yes, I think Emory has a similar VA residency with the same intent.
  5. I served in the guard and loved it. If I get back in after PA school it will be in the national guard.
  6. Is there a reason for this? Is there anyone trying to change this? I thought about putting my language and love of austere locations to work for global good for a change, but when I checked their web page they said that the locals fill the role of PAs, so they don't need them. I may stop contributing to them, and just sending a letter why in the envelope until they get with the program.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the rankings too much. The pance pass rate, cost, how much you like the place, and the vibe given off by current students were way more important to me.
  8. I applied late in the cycle to five schools. I interviewed at four and got admitted to three.
  9. I can second this. They are pretty good videos.
  10. Crap! There is a difference between a PA and Physician? I'm glad I didn't get asked THAT question during my interview. Whew.
  11. If your science GPA is below a 2.5, you will really have your work cut out for you. I'm not saying it is impossible, but it will be tough. As Josheppe stated, as you go along it gets harder and harder to move the GPA up. Josheppe's suggestion is sound. Finish college, get lots of direct patient care, and retake the science prereqs. Another option I'v seen some people use is to get a conditional admission into a good biology/chemistry masters program. Many science masters programs are teaching positions and you'll get a stipend and free(ish) tuition. You will still need to volunteer, get patient care hours, and retake prereqs (but maybe at a reduced cost depending on the program.) It would be tough, but it would show maturity, dedication, and as long as you keep your GPA high, you will have some other options like dental school, med school, or lab work in case PA school never pans out. Options are always good in life. People frequently look for the easiest, fastest way to do things. I've always done what my heart desired even when it was WAY harder than the "standard" and I've never regretted it in the long run. Take the harder science classes, do the long research hours, volunteer for the hard positions, and you will set your self up for success. When I graduated I could have went in many directions if PA school hadn't worked out. Good luck with whatever route you choose in life!
  12. I agree. Leilani, do you suffer from standardized test anxiety?
  13. I took immunology, virology, microbiology, and parasitology. I don't know anything about advanced anatomy (my school didn't offer such a thing), but given the schedule for my first year that I recently received, I would probably lean in that direction. However, I learned a metric poop ton in micro and immunology class. You can't go wrong if you end up there.
  14. Einstein never failed math, that is an urban legend. He taught himself calculus before he was 15 and was frequently at the top of his class. This has nothing to do with OP or grade forgiveness. I just hate it when people say Einstein failed math or was a bad student. It isn't true at all.
  15. "Put this one in your butt and this one in your mouth...wait, no. Put THIS one in your mouth and THIS one in your butt." You know, on the bright side, using that wand thing would probably knock a lot of time and money off of PA school. It might still be worth it. A good wand worker who was able to keep the butt wand and mouth wand separate would probably earn enough for a trip to starbucks every day or so.
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